Household registration reform how to make urban and rural more equal Expert fair allocation of resou

Household registration reform how to make urban and rural more equal? Expert: fair allocation of resources – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: household registration reform how to make urban and rural more equal? Expert: the equitable distribution of resources recently, Beijing launched the "opinions" to further promote the reform of household registration system, the abolition of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural Hukou distinction, establish a unified household registration system, causing widespread concern in the community. Beijing canceled the agricultural accounts, to ease the non capital function will produce what kind of impact? After the introduction of the policy, how to further improve the health, education, employment, social security system, resource allocation, so that the majority of farmers have confidence and willingness to do, become "residents"? Unified registration for the residents of Beijing cancel the distinction between agricultural and non-agricultural accounts nature, unified registration for residents, is an innovation in the management of population services. The statistical system in order to establish a unified urban and rural household registration system of education, health, employment, social security, housing, land and population, the implementation of the residence permit system, improve population information management system, realize the integration and sharing of information across sectors — as the capital, which no doubt has demonstration significance. It is understood that Beijing had cancelled their residence restrictions. In August this year, the Beijing police launched 18 convenient service measures, the abolition of the nature of the Beijing agricultural household registration staff changed from agricultural to non-agricultural conditions, the application can apply for. The main welfare differences between the two agricultural accounts and non-agricultural accounts are land and public services. The rights and interests of agricultural accounts are mainly responsible and homestead, rather than the interests of agricultural accounts are mainly attached to the social welfare of the household registration, including education, health care, employment, insurance, housing, etc.. Some people worry that the abolition of agricultural accounts will affect the rights and interests of farmers. In this regard, experts said, the reform of the household registration system in Beijing, the farmers and urban residents unified renamed residents, eliminating the identity difference, and gradually realize the integration of urban and rural residents social management and public services and welfare equalization, promoting social fairness and justice. "With the people" ease the downtown population of Beijing cancelled agricultural registered permanent residence, can ease the non capital function, reduce the population density in the city center? Implementation opinions clearly stated that by 2020, the resident population in Beijing controlled within 23 million people, the city’s resident population in the District of six in 2014 fell by about 15 percentage points. In accordance with the order, ease of non capital function optimization to enhance the core functions of the capital requirements, the total population of Beijing to the red line, focus on optimizing the adjustment of economic structure and spatial structure, and actively promote the "people with functions go, with the industry to go, continue to reduce the population density in the city center, at the same time study" households with the people "to move out of the account policy. Data show that the first half of this year, the city of Beijing District Six population decreased by more than 110 thousand, while the city’s resident population increment, the growth rate was lower than the same period last year. However, the phenomenon of separation of households is obvious. Expert analysis, a lot of people in Beijing are separated is high-end people, including overseas, from Beijing, foreign exchange office, business groups etc.. "Family walks"相关的主题文章:

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