Hubei high-speed second wave peak return not to the car where to go (video) kamikaze love

Hubei high-speed second wave peak return not to the car where to go? Last night to 7, is expected in eleven, yesterday staged a second wave of holiday return peak does not have. Yesterday in the province of many high speed, not only " shouting squeeze " less, on the contrary, some sections of " shout thirsty ". For example, yesterday morning, the Provincial Police Corps Jingshan brigade upload real-time road image display, with the high speed of the vehicle in the middle section of rare, " eat enough ". Another example, the two high-speed Jingzhou section of the traffic is not large. At the same time, the Wuhan City, also basically is " " quiet;. Including " first macro " Liudian interchange to the Third Ring Road, just pass slowly yesterday. In the evening the road monitoring picture of Wuhan river traffic police upload, Sanjintan interchange, Whampoa  Avenue intersection " block " traffic is small, traffic is normal. Wuchang, Zhongshan Road traffic flow is a little larger than usual, but Wuchang traffic police said that this is a normal phenomenon. Return peak in advance, the traffic control department said, is the effect of traffic peak travel guide, but also for people to travel more rational, avoid it deeply, in this process, the media guide lastingachievements. Is not the number of people who drive less? This is not the case! Bulletin of the Provincial Traffic Management Bureau, to 4 pm yesterday, the province’s highway eleven long total vehicles 8 million 68 thousand and 100, of which less than seven small passenger car toll free 6 million 895 thousand and 300 vehicles, and the National Day holiday last year increased by 21.83% and 21.36%. According to reports, the Provincial Traffic Management Bureau during the holiday, the province’s police continue to carry out traffic offense focused campaigns to crack down on drunk driving, occupation of the emergency lane and other serious traffic violations, to maintain a safe and harmonious traffic order. Eleven period, the province investigated a total of more than 650 drunk driving, drunk driving, more than more than 50, investigate and deal with the illegal occupation of the highway emergency Lane more than 4000. Some owners have not been as eager or punishment, all the luck, the traffic accident happened in front of or traffic density, traffic violations blindly choose the occupation of the emergency lane, Provincial Police Corps Air ground operation, based on the road of high-definition surveillance cameras and police capture the police, enable UAV cruise capture using the emergency the illegal means of science and technology, high speed lane, greatly improving the efficiency of law enforcement, law enforcement and deterrence efforts. National day alone, the province’s high Police Corps entered a total of more than 1300 illegal occupation of the emergency lane. At the same time, the UAV is also used in the Wudang Mountains scenic area traffic grooming, Shiyan police and Shiyan police with the help of the UAV 3D scanning, data analysis function of statistics in advance of scenic roads, parking lot capacity in saturated before the start, the distal peripheral bypass road congestion prevention plan, scientific guidance. National passenger return early start on the highway do not stop retrograde相关的主题文章:

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