Hubei prison for offenders to escape responsibility for the deployment of a large investigation and cashmere mafia

Hubei prison for criminals to escape start responsibility deployment investigation large remediation related news: Hubei prison escapee Lei Jun was arrested in Chibi today to escape 5 days Hubei prison escapee strong ability of anti reconnaissance soldiers from the army had earlier fled recently, Hubei province Caidian prison together to commit illness during the escape case. Reporter 28, from the Hubei provincial prison administration was informed that, at present, the relevant departments are trying to chase the fugitives, and has started to pursue responsibility, while the prison system deployed a large investigation and remediation activities. The early morning of September 24th, due to contract fraud was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment, criminal punishment at present more than three years and seven months, Leimou escape. Previously, he was transferred to the hospital for treatment of kidney disease, is in the recovery period. Hubei Provincial Bureau of prisons said, at present, the prison system has organized hunting program to assist the public security organs to hunt for information to the public security organ to provide detailed, clear and reliable. At the same time, accountable accountability procedures have been initiated. Led by the Hubei provincial prison administration leadership, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Bureau of prisons in the investigation of the composition of the joint working group, stationed in Caidian prison to carry out the investigation, and has been brought to the relevant legal supervision organs involved in the investigation. Reporters learned that, in September 26th, the Hubei provincial prison administration has also held an emergency video conference, the deployment of the prison system in the province to carry out supervision and supervision of large security remediation activities, to strengthen the supervision of security work. The meeting decided to immediately carry out "61" activities in the Hubei prison system, that is to carry out a police in the Qing Dynasty prison activities, a list of the Qing prison found contraband crisis, construction of the table to carry out a criminal record; medical disease and make medical management survey activities, strictly implement the medicine of the control of criminals to ensure that no measures, off pipe, drain pipe; carry out an import prison personnel and vehicle market investigation activities, strengthening the supervision of door management, plug the loopholes in the management of the prison doors; carry out a key personnel for the criminal investigation activities, the three noes et al, to ensure clear base, the situation is clear; to carry out a comprehensive safety inspection activities, led by the bureau Party committee members, group go to each unit to carry out safety inspection; carry out a hazard rectification activities, to check inventory in the investigation Now the question of the implementation of sales management. At present, the Hubei Provincial Bureau of prisons has organized 5 Gongzuozhuanban jails in the province to carry out safety hazards inspection, investigation and remediation activities, and foreign medical criminal investigation carried out one by one. Hubei Provincial Bureau of prisons responsible person stressed that the prison system to increase the intensity of supervision and inspection of the implementation of the system, ensure that criminals get hundred-percent daily management system implementation, the implementation of the system to be seriously inadequate accountability. The hidden dangers of accidents, the unit, Hubei province prison administration departments will supervise the handling or handling of stagnation.相关的主题文章:

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