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Compared to perfunctory, I prefer a simple refusal to pay attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: time to say love, do not love, do not hide. A simple rejection may be better for each other. After all, in love, we do not want to live up to their own." Love to say it out 01 friends Guoer window for a long time. When the friends of the same age have love, marriage, sometimes I really feel worried for her. Suddenly one day, without warning, Guoer sent me a WeChat: I met a person. At that time, the heart is really happy for her, after all, what is better than food and love in the world? "What is the situation?" I hasten to ask. But the fruit is very calm, just lost me "meeting liaoba." Meet a chat, I found in Guoer face I didn’t look in the smile, she at the beginning of the first sentence is "how to say, but he told me more interested." It was a good news for me, and I asked her, "what does he do? How do you know?" "A friend of a friend, met by chance, he began to contact me, but also more and more frequent these days. Also said that several times, I have dinner together." "Well, what about the man?" I say. "Well, in fact, it is not bad, and often look like, it will work, should belong to the mature and stable heavy bar." Listen to the clear Guoer, I actually already seems to worry about, because sometimes, love is really a thing from Guoer make groundless accusations, who, I didn’t seem to see signs of love. In fact, my dear, if the person is good, you can try. A lot of feelings are the beginning of ah." I’m on one side of the persuasion. Later, we went shopping, eating, or laughing for a while, sit down after the fruit for a moment, suddenly said to me. "Oh, I think, forget it.". Clearly know that he is not the kind I like, obviously he has been impossible. Than perfunctory words, or refuse it." 02 sometimes, we often feel that the relationship in the end will make people embarrassed: how many tears alone late at night, we searched with him all of the little things, and even find all evidence of love, bear all the regret and pain, to draw a full stop, so we say, it is difficult to separate. But in my opinion, a relationship, there is a "hard", it is in the beginning of the feelings. In the heavy rain in the world, there is a person coming to you at the beginning, you can not see his profile and face, you will be nervous and apprehensive will, will be at a loss what to do. You need to make an effort to identify, feel the force, and also need to force close, and then, in that scenario, you have to make an important decision, whether to hold his hand, and he took a road. It’s really hard, even harder than separation. However, we are often unaware of it into a relationship, in the identification and management)相关的主题文章:

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