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"Impossible" to challenge Qing Dong tears in the scene to show the true temperament of Sohu – Lee Hom, Qing Dong,   entertainment; Li Changyu as "impossible" challenge season second judges Sohu entertainment large inspirational challenge program "challenge impossible" in the second quarter of October 30th in the CCTV broadcast every Sunday at 8 p.m.. The first phase of the program, from the global "pronunciation", "world iron" and "retrograde hero", "spring leg young" 4 challengers will challenge the impossible "landing" in the second quarter of the stage. It is worth mentioning that the Gansu fire fighters Li Haifeng reunited at the challenge site family picture, is to let Qing Dong tears on the spot. As a "challenge" impossible "feelings", Qing Dong will own true love through the program without reservation one show to the audience. Qing Dong female perspective the true nature of the true feelings of the goddess transfer award users praise "challenge the impossible" in the first quarter, Qing Dong from the identity of the host to the judges, witnessed a number of "impossible", frequently for players to tears. In the second season of the show, Qing Dong will once again join, as the only three female guests, the story of Li Changyu, Lee Hom compared to players, has a more delicate understanding and interpretation, easier to convey emotion, is to show the clear "emotional transmission". In this regard, Qing Dong said, we are in every corner of the world, regardless of whether they are engaged in extreme sports, or is a challenge to the body, may we all need such a spirit, to create a better myself. In the eyes of Qing Dong, the charm of the challenge lies not only in the spirit of challenge impossible, but also challenge the process itself. In the program, Qing Dong and her eyes but a chink, sometimes cried, revealing a different side of the goddess. In an interview with reporters, Qing Dong said, anxiety, tension, excitement, regret, the kind of waiting for players to challenge the psychological changes when successful, although short but full of charm." "Retrograde hero" Li Haifeng precision cut wire family reunion picture let Qing Dong tears the first phase of the program, there will be an old fire fighters from Gansu fire brigade, Li Haifeng. He is 17 years old. As a fire fighter, his shoulders a special mission, a year with his wife and children can see on the three sides. This Sunday, by the opportunity to broadcast the program, the group of Li Haifeng’s wife and children also went to the scene. Retrograde hero in the scene to be reunited, embracing the screen moved the presence of each audience. Li Haifeng’s wife is said on the show, "although together from many, but married that day Li Haifeng will do a good job when Junsao need to bear all the mental preparation, a simple cannot again simple words, Qing Dong moved to tears.相关的主题文章:

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