Interview with my war director Peng Shun was kidnapped by patriotism rainlendar

Interview with "my war" director Peng Shun was kidnapped by patriotism? This article reprinted from WeChat public entertainment capital "(author: Cao Lexi editor: Wu Lixiang) recently, reflecting the Korean war movie" my war ", with many investors most want to see the way of not reflecting fire, and caused the director of defense" that is not my ". In this trailer has just launched soon, the old artists play red sunset tours travel to South Korea, in the face of the South Korean tour guides have refined and courteous, Chinese type moral tone to tell each other, their years ago had raised a red flag to Seoul, the whole film to the old artist shouting "war end to protect our homes and defend our country". "Went abroad to show off that year had hit your grandfather, not engage in patriotic kidnapping?" A lot of friends in embarrassment and expressed on the film side force output power values of anger, "not only misinterpreted the meaning of war, does not recognize the major damage of war force, is not conducive to good neighborly friendship, this is where the political correctness, is clearly a political mistake!" There are many users angry at not involved in making promotional Pang, that the Hongkong director "ulterior motive" not only promote politically incorrect and "pit old artist". According to informed sources, this design is actually from the hands of propaganda, but did not go through the approval of other investors: the way we can not accept the propaganda." Anyway, "my war" propaganda, as does a pig teammate role: from the market point of view, and publicity that the old artists believe chauvinism values, obviously is not the movie now mainstream consumer groups, trailer of swagger before others, not to please a young audience, but with their belief from. Sadly, according to the director Pang and the original film, "my war" is precisely the most do not want to be a patriotic kidnapping way, otherwise the film nor will this war had no dare to touch the sensitive subject, to make a ghost to shoot the famous Hongkong director. In early to see the film entertainment capital (ID:yulezibenlun), Pang pot back this is unjust, because the film is actually in a unique perspective about the war environment, the ordinary volunteer soldiers on life and love and death struggle. Accept the entertainment capital of interview, Pang also said clearly: "no hero in this movie, but for the audience to show ordinary people fear, pain and growth in the face of the war." In fact, "my war" is not released by the audience to scold and resist, this is not the first time the film was hit". Peng Shun told the entertainment capital, because it involves the relationship with South Korea and the United States, the first film to his request is filming a show who the enemy is not war, which makes him very crazy. Later, the South China Sea dispute occurred, so he was told that the film can not only appear in the United States, but also through the white side to tell the history of the Korean war. Finally, the film has a negative object, but also a dramatic conflict. This summer, after the outbreak of the incident, which is a demonstration of the South Korean propaganda film fresh baked – it is not difficult to see that the domestic war film from the film to the publicity.相关的主题文章:

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