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IP health, art film – no occasion to rise in new network – the newspaper’s chief reporter Wang Yan Intern Shen Tingyu stood at the end of August 2016, looking back, summer is weak. Even if the "summer cold" formulation has been repeated many times, but when the ratio of non general schedule are far away, the indifference of the digital still worth is used to knock the alarm. According to the real-time data, provide the opal film as of August 29th, this year 7, 8 February at the box office 8 billion 377 million yuan, 740 million yuan less than the same period last year, while the number of movies is an increase of 6. In addition to the digital basis, last week in the shadow of the story has become a fact of the document. From August 22nd to 28 during the day, a total of 16 cinemas in the film released, one not careful refresh for the 2016 Movie Week record. At the same time, Xun Zhou and Wu Zhenyu starred in "silent", starring Lunmei Kwai fantasy comedy "beautiful accident", Mark, Ni Ni starred in the fantasy film "warrior’s gate", a number of stars gathered the most topic of the "westward journey 3", starring Sean Lau Nicholas Tse, "shaking broken" etc. film to withdraw from the original August, pending the schedule. Although the film mostly for technical reasons in response to schedule changes, but the majority opinion bias, which is related to the summer market overall downturn. In the summer the weak final judgement on the occasion, more bad news is not the end. The August 26th release of "lucky me" is in theaters in survived for 3 days no sound, 670 thousand yuan at the box office is difficult to match the film in 7.9 get watercress this summer Chinese feature film the highest score. IP to let in the crevice of art film has risen sharply. This is probably the source of sadness and weak summer. IP wake up, sleep without any anxiety? Even the Hollywood blockbuster plants fall about domestic film, only a short while ago, IP (intellectual property) has become the essential vocabulary, that is deified, also has triggered a "big IP without a good writer" debate in late 2015 to early 2016. Time after only 8 months, IP is not synonymous with sleep without any anxiety. Chinese film market proof for a whole summer, not only domestic box office IP is not a medicine, the Hollywood blockbuster IP can smoothly. No matter being released "the Bourne 5" or "ice age 5" can’t escape the "cop-out" "gouweixudiao" evaluation. Moreover, even out of the domestic market, the Hollywood situation also proves that IP not superstitious. It originated in the "Binnn", the film by MGM and paramount two giants jointly produced the theme has been repeatedly remake of the epic. But in just the past weekend, two large factory invest billion dollars made "Binnn" received only $11 million at the box office, watch out. Moreover, the comprehensive "God of War: the power of" eye "Alice in Wonderland" 2 "2" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Taishan return" "independence day 2" and many other films decline, North American critics and experts have written at the box office this summer, Starving people fill the land. .相关的主题文章:

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