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"Iron fist" to promote Jane Zhang Xu Xinwen in sing song MV exposure entertainment Sohu – "iron fist" to promote "In The Zone" Song cover Sohu entertainment news by Jack – Gyllenhaal, Rachel – Mcadams action film starring inspirational movies "iron fist" will be held in September 2nd in China burst release. Today, the film side exposed film song "In The Zone" popularized by MV, after Jane Zhang served as music producer, less city times strength newcomer Xu Xinwen DEDECATES perform.     newcomer Xu Xinwen soulful singing MV inspirational sense today, action inspirational movies "iron fist" exposure of the film "In The Zone" music promotion MV. This song by singer songwriter Alex Hong to create the film body, English lyrics inspired by the "iron fist" in the hero’s experience, as well as their own experience. "In" The Zone "is a focused, goal clear meaning and film spirit agree without prior without previous consultation." In order to better promote the film producer Jane Zhang to fill in the Chinese word, less city times strength to sing a new. From MV, we can see the real boxing fight scene. Mike Billy (Hope Jack – Jielun hall decorated) scarred, very cruel to scatter your body’s blood. In the face of the opponent on the court, Billy was knocked down again and again, can not be separated from his wife (Rachel – decorated with the act of), the credit of the work of the team, and the other side of the world, but also to be able to get rid of his wife (Mai Don Jaakko J – decorated). "It is because of you, I have been accompanied by numerous dark night to the dawn; but also because of you, lost with me to find my own." The melody will show the affection between husband and wife to each other the most incisive. Speaking of the creation of the song, Jane Zhang said: I thought the original English songs to fill out the Chinese words may not be appropriate, I did not expect to produce a good effect, listen to the whole song is really very touched." Jack Jielun and Hal perfect transformation family as an action copy from rolia inspirational movies, "iron fist" not only let the adrenaline boxing scene, emotional elements in the film is also strike a deep chord. In the film, Jack – Jielun Hal played the "left handed" Boxer, Billy, lost his wife because of an accident. Ever since Billy started to despair, her daughter was sent to welfare agencies, when he came to their senses, and return to the ring of the coach, to save her daughter with respect and love, and hope that their occupation career…… In the film, he jagged tenderness, constantly evolving love between father and daughter and daughter, let a person tears trickling down cheeks. In the film, Jack plays with his daughter Fiona Laurence with very understanding, director Anthony praised the "two person is like a real father".相关的主题文章:

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