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[Kim] Shuangseqiu lottery treasure turn 16119 forecast: [number] good basketball lottery treasure gold turn Shuangseqiu 119 period forecast: 050817 of the 118th red bile out: 0914222331 33—14 double ball 119 ideas: first, in 02, tail number is set at 30. With the same tail tail: 3 out of 8, this period value with the tail, optimistic about the 0818 heavy number: Number 2, the reference period 1, number 09 numbers: the period of 1, the 1 0809, even considering the blue tail analysis: the recent number of Kiki even parity parity parity odd even even nuclei even Chichic, this period value even number for the tail size of the recent small small small small size greatly big, the good quality for the recent decimal tail number quality alloy alloy alloy and alloy alloy alloy quality, this period value number tail 8 plus three 3: 02050809171824 30—04 0608 bile red zone; 050817 blue alone: 04 [] Shuangseqiu lottery treasure 119: three on 081214 basketball forecast bile 118 lottery results: 091422233133 + 14 Analysis: the period of red and a value of 132, and the current value in the 100–103, the three area ratio of 1:2:3, this period attention repeat number 23, even 2324. Red zone: 5, number 12121, the 02 road is good. This recommendation, red two district 02030508: 5, number 32322, the 12 road is good. This recommendation, 13171821 red zone: 5, number 22223, the 01 road is good. The recommended 23242830 basketball analysis: basketball out large 14, number 1, road lamps tail. The current concern; optimistic about the number, 4. Red tail out bottom: 0203050813171821 Danma 23242830 red   021321 blue four yards   08101214 basketball three bile   081214 blue area code   14相关的主题文章:

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