King of Beggars how many beggars disciples, not by my decision windjview

King of beggars Beggars: how many disciples, I decided not by the Emperor: you beggars disciples tens of millions, you do not dissolve one day, I asked how reassuring? Su: how many beggars disciples not decided by me, but your decision. If you really brilliant, make peace and prosperity, I would become a beggar! Gordon Chan "king of beggars", the 1992 control lines 315th, at the end of this dialogue from the "king of beggars". Su (Stephen Chow) is a two generation, but martial arts have neither learning nor skill. He was admitted to Wuzhuangyuan, won the beloved girl, but the treacherous court official, destroy a martial arts, now live on the streets, to become a beggar. Enter the king of beggars, All sufferings have their reward., also became a leader. He learned to beat dog stick method, the Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon secret, also saved his life. He finally made it "the prime minister., the top of the martial arts". In the end, the emperor to the dissolution of Su Gai, because a huge arena Gang, is always in the Su and answer a mortal malady, let the emperor rendered speechless. A nonsensical comedy, suddenly say such a sentence is the truth, really amazing. In China history, gangs, civil society and so on has always existed, such as the triad (Freemason, green, etc., and the Gelaohui) and maintain a relationship of cooperation against the official. In the eyes of the government, the secret association organization is difficult, they may become the power of power, but it is a threat. "Beggars" was the biggest gang in Jin Yong’s novels, but from the "Legend of the Condor Heroes" (Hu Ge Li Yapeng edition version of Felix Wong version) to "The Legendary Swordsman" (Opera), head of the decline gradually, become a second rate school, probably because of government control. "King of beggars" released in 1992 this year, Hongkong is the film Stephen Chow, yeh one’s works won the box office in the first 5, this film ranked fourth.相关的主题文章:

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