Men’s hard work to two children have been unsuccessful is the cause of the sauna 9c8947

Men’s hard work to two children has been successfully turned out to be a sauna to blame men’s health day is October 28th, and two children after the full liberalization of the first men’s health day, this year, more and more to the father of second children who found themselves suddenly included "infertility", where out of the question? "Doctor, my wife and I would like to have second children, and strive to not succeed now, how is it?" In the andrology affiliated obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, 35 year old Wang woebegonely to male head Feng Bin said. The examination of his wife are no problem, Mr. Wang will come to consult the male. "Have you ever had a cold or fever this year? Like hot bath? Do you often have a sauna?" Zhang Fengbin asked. "Fever is not, sauna washed, but the number is not much, it will be two or three times." Mr. Wang said. "Not pregnant with children, is caused by a sauna ah." Zhang Fengbin soon found out why. Sauna two or three times a year, so serious? Zhang Fengbin told the evening news reporter, every month, he will encounter several such as Mr. Wang "patient", because of the sauna, leading to sperm quality problems. Sperm survival temperature can not be more than 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature is lower than the person twice, a fever of more than 38.5 degrees Celsius, it will affect the quality of sperm for 3 months." Zhang Fengbin said, sauna at least 40 degrees Celsius temperature, a year two or three times, want to be pregnant in this year, the difficulty is big. Now, two children want dads, problems than married for two or three years and not more complex children, "they are generally thirty or forty years of age, work pressure, mental stress, lack of sleep, chemical drugs, will lead to a decline in sperm quality." In addition to not hot bath, sauna, the establishment of good living habits, but also need to pay attention to the father, is to change the sedentary habits. "The IT industry and the brother are at higher risk of infertility, the characteristics of their work is sedentary." Zhang Fengbin said, especially when the chair is breathable fabric, easy to cause the testicular temperature is too high, affecting the survival of sperm.相关的主题文章:

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