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"My holy way" debut at the Busan Film Festival   a lot of Tao Xia foot — understanding knov thorium entertainment channel — original title: "my holy way" debut at the Busan Film Festival a lot of Tao Xia knov "my understanding th foot holy way" debut at the Busan Film Festival actor full understanding of the evening of October 6th, twenty-first Busan International Film Festival officially kicked off in Haeundae movie hall, 301 best films of 69 countries to participate in this international event, hundreds of movie stars gathered in the opening ceremony of the red carpet, a lot of pottery, also bring the first Yi Xia knov th original story film "my holy way". The opening ceremony of the red carpet, the actress to exhaust all the skills contests. "My holy way" the female lead in a couple who played in a lot of pottery, water green dress broken customs, white daffodils, let the girl clever sense of revealing a bit of light ripe dignified and elegant, full of fairies. In the twentieth Fuchuan international Fantasy Film Festival, had a lot of pottery with acting ring flexible film "Obama" in big ticket fans, unveiled the Busan International Film Festival red carpet, successfully promoted the first step on the two South Korean Film Festival Red Carpet actress China. The actor who plays Sharma Day had followed the "knov thorium ethnic elements in my holy way", a Yi dress unique, handmade embroidered side breasted coat, showing Chinese intangible cultural heritage masterpiece style, in the same suit other stand out. While the details of the red carpet reporter snap tidbits, also let this "big" ceremony full of surprise. The skirt is overweight, a lot of Tao when walking more inconvenient, side of the road walking a thorium, several times to help her finish dress, her boyfriend instant broken table. Two people from time to time with a smile, full understanding. The film "my holy way" by the famous military director Zhang Li, tells the story of a young Yi Bimo sabadilla ah by rough, a way to find the ideal white sacred story. From the national perspective, the film shows the power of human belief and the theme of world peace. Previously, the film has won a rare score of 85 points at the Montreal Film Festival screenings, Venice Film Festival screenings have great success in the west, with a wave of most unusual folk style "boom. The twenty-fifth China Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival "outstanding domestic film screenings unit, was named the audience commercial drama has the most literary feelings". Currently, the film has been scheduled for November 3rd to visit the country’s major theaters and meet the majority of the audience. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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