Nanchang vigorously promote the construction of face recognition with Skynet probe function kasey chase

Nanchang vigorously promote the construction of Skynet project probe includes a face recognition function for the people of Nanchang tens of thousands of Skynet weaving "safety net" Nanchang news network September 11th night at 8:24, in the New District Xinghua Road occurred in gold shop robbery case, a young man wearing a white mask, holding a hammer into the gold shop, after the break the glass counter, stole a lot of gold jewelry fled the scene. The owner Mr. Yang said, the store lost about $300 thousand worth of gold. After the incident, Skynet can immediately command, to assist in the investigation. "Skynet" rapid access to the incident surrounding the Skynet probe analysis, by tracing analysis, line inspection, timely find clues to lock the suspect object is two man riding electric car. Handling units through careful reconnaissance in 48 hours after the incident in the three suspects were arrested. Tens of thousands of Skynet weaving "safety net" is understood as the people of Nanchang, Nanchang "Skynet project" is the city covering key sections, staff gathering places, key departments and regional security complex, safety accident prone area video surveillance system. This set of monitoring system: powerful lens amplification, one hundred meters outside recruitment advertising telephone number clearly; the camera slows down, can accurately capture the number plate of the vehicle moving at a high speed; the rotation of the lens, 360 degree view without blind spots covering the whole ground. Tens of thousands of HD probe around the city all the important places this year, the municipal government of Nanchang, the total peace building around the goal of rule of law in Nanchang, attaches great importance to the Skynet project, in accordance with the "comprehensive management of the lead organization, construction and maintenance of public security management, telecommunications, government makes the general idea of grading input", high standards and strict requirements., carefully organized, tight arrangements, efforts to promote. As of August 31st, our total video surveillance platform Skynet resources more than 35 thousand. Among them, the government built more than 18 thousand units of HD probe, integrated access train station, bus station, subway, buses, schools, hospitals, delivery industry and highway service area and other social video resources more than 17 thousand. The city established a coverage of key sections, staff gathering places, key departments and regional security complex, safety accident prone sections of the video monitoring system, in order to promote the Nanchang city public security prevention and control system, management system and road traffic management system management capabilities, provides a new point of force. "The Municipal Public Security Bureau" Skynet do integration of the latest technology of video applications to build a unified "Skynet video intelligent application platform, and has certain intelligence analysis capabilities, improve the application efficiency of Skynet probe, and achieved some success in the field of application and the process of serving the people." Nanchang City Public Security Bureau Branch letter detachment commissar Yin Tao said. According to statistics, from January to August this year, the city of "Webgather" probe assistance, 1635 suspects were arrested, investigated 2963 cases of various types, discovery and disposal of all kinds of alarm 2705, and other government departments to serve the people’s livelihood 5488 times, 12413 times, traffic order management (for evidence of illegal vehicles) 89340 second, city traffic sparse)相关的主题文章:

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