Nanjing university dormitory bed rental business fire only 350 yuan per month

Nanjing university dormitory bed rental business fire only 350 yuan per month, the provisions of the large dormitory downstairs written. Reporter Tan Jie photo the placard in Qiuzu rental post screenshots. "South tower dorm beds rental, asked not to play games in the dorm, deliberately ITU" medicine Jiangning campus of the existing graduate student dormitory beds a long, short rent rent can be, the longest one year "and" the East dormitory beds to rent, no bad habits, the normal daily routine"…… Along with the price of housing, rent prices soaring, many newcomers into the workplace, just graduated from the family will be locked in the eyes of the cheap campus, the reporter learned that the University bed rental hot. Reporter login Xicihutong, University Forum and Tianya website found that such information is not in a few rental beds. Nanjing university undergraduate, graduate and doctoral student dormitory beds for rent. The average price of about 350 beds in January, there are some slightly higher, up to 500 january. A China Medicine University study of two girl Liu Tongxue told reporters that he will go to Shanghai internship for a year and a half empty bed is a waste, 350 yuan a month to rent can offset handed accommodation, but also some subsidies during the internship expenses. Reporters and her about 27 afternoon to see the bed". Liu Tongxue’s bed is located in the Jiangning campus school graduate student apartment, Sanshiyiting, 3 people live in each room. Because taking into account the feelings of roommates, she is on the tenant’s request is: it is better to be quiet, normal work and rest, do not bring a stranger in the door, to be able to live in peace with roommates." "Tenant" can not only free of water and electricity, but also through the use of Liu’s campus card, to enjoy the various benefits of the school: access to the library, quiet study room, library, etc.. Liu explained that because the campus card and bank cards are bound together, she did not save money in the card, so the tenant can not directly swipe in the cafeteria to eat. "But you can buy a ticket in cash, and the food in the school is much cheaper than it is outside." After the reporter came across the bed the next room just to rent a bed. She is the price of 320 yuan to rent, the "supply and demand is very busy, the school Post Bar, rent a bed, is the top of the inquiry." She said. A student rental price of the bed is 350 January Gulou campus of Nanjing University. When a reporter with her about a few days to see the bed, she urged to see as soon as possible, because several people have been linked to rent". For dormitory bed rental, college students how to see? A student surnamed Zhao told reporters that their living quarters are just a sister school work. "We just graduated last year, I was admitted to the ideal school, now is working while pubmed." She said that they had to know, do not think there is any inconvenience. Another college graduates sun students think that there is no sense of security, in case of something lost or something that day, how to do?" She said the dormitory 4 beds, the school only arranged for 3 people. Students in poor economic conditions on their rental, mabukai face stop. "School dormitories are required to enter the credit card, but also check the school dorm aunt import)相关的主题文章:

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