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Net exposure Jiuzhaigou tourism shady: top 60% shopping rebates are not afraid of the investigation shortly before the store said, "consumer advocate" received some complaints from tourists, said in Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou (micro-blog) tour Huanglong, tourism has become a shopping trip, and commodity zhicijiagao. Jiuzhaigou Huanglong (micro-blog) is the existence of such a problem, not long ago, consumer advocates reporter dedicated to this line of experience. 1 three days trip shopping five times in September 2016, "consumer advocate" reporter to experience three days and two nights Jiuzhai Huanglong tour, the three day of the trip, the tour scenic real time only one and a half, most of the remaining time in shopping, the three day of the trip was five times into the store shopping. In the Duoji water reservoir with a Tibetan stockade, tourist guide came to the local market, entered the market, the reporter saw here is full of tourists, tour guides and local villagers under a series of bedding, many tourists have to buy silver bracelet, silver bowl, silver belt and other products. Here’s the product really like the tour guide said that the quality of cheap? A tour guide accidentally revealed to reporters the truth. Tour guide: in fact, silver is true, the price is high. After leaving the village Duoji Tibetan village, with a tour guide and tourists arrived at Chuanzhusi a Tibetan medicine integrated shopping mall. Guide: we will arrive soon is 1 hundred million, the most expensive Tibetan medicine shops investment, you will see millions of Cordyceps, you’re here to buy some Sumbe, Tibetan medicine is to the outside do not buy, with good sales here. Consumer advocates, the reporter saw a lot of herbal medicine store visitors. As a tour guide in the propaganda way here so authentic medicinal materials cheap, a lot of tourists around to buy all kinds of medicinal herbs in front of the counter, the counter up Cordyceps and saffron. This shop Cordyceps price from 258 yuan to 500 yuan a gram of saffron ranging from 98 yuan a gram to more than 200 grams. Out from the Tibetan pharmacy, visitors were brought directly into the adjacent to a local market to yak meat. Here, a bag of yak meat 250 grams of the price of about 80 yuan, the price of some products reach jerky about 150 yuan per kilogram. Since the unit price is not high, but also the plateau specialty, almost every tourist shopping bags are competing to buy. Away from the local specialty stores, visitors were brought into a place named silk impression of the Silk Museum to visit the place, and finally was promoted silk quilt. 2 buy something really high quality and inexpensive? At night, "consumer advocate" the reporter went to the nearby Songpan (micro-blog) County Chuanzhusi Town, into the local specialty shops price comparison. The reporters found that the Cordyceps, saffron and yak meat, silver prices are much cheaper than shopping. Reporter: how do you sell Cordyceps here: the owner of this 200 grams, which is the Qinghai Cordyceps, better than the huanglong. Reporter: This is how much money to buy into the store owner: this must be sold into the store more than and 300, 340 grams of it. Reporter: how do you sell here: 60 grams of Saffron? The owner of a top. Reporter: tour into the store is almost the price ah. Shopkeeper: you tour into the store to see the 68, we sell here for $40.相关的主题文章:

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