Next year, Harbin Daqing Qitaihe public service matters into 8 super network can do www.8008205555

Next year, Harbin Daqing Qitaihe public service matters over 8 can do network life daily news September 23rd 22, the reporter learned from the provincial government, in order to accelerate the Harbin City, Daqing City, Qitaihe City, information Huimin national pilot city construction, our province to promote the introduction of Internet plus government services to carry out information Huimin pilot implementation of the program, is expected to 2017 our province, preliminary implementation of pilot city government services of cross regional, cross sectoral, cross level "one application, a window of acceptance, network office, items of basic public services available online for more than 80%. "Number one" for direct access to the relevant information on a unified platform for data sharing and exchange, citizen identification number as a unique identifier, the establishment of electronic certificate database, realize the document data, involving government services matters related to that information cross sectoral, cross regional, cross industry mutual sharing. The masses in the process, through the citizen’s identity number, electronic license required to directly query and related information, to avoid repeated submission. The establishment of cross regional mutual recognition mechanism of sharing electronic license. Promote the sharing of electronic license recognition of cross level, cross regional, cross sectoral, and gradually realize the remote service within the province. One window acceptance: one-stop service to streamline procedures to explore the establishment of multi sectoral government services involved in the collaborative management mechanism. To speed up the urban and rural communities at all levels of government service hall and comprehensive service function upgrade, promote the classification of government services matters stationed, take "the comprehensive acceptance, background classification approval, unified window a" service mode, to achieve a one-stop service. The main hall entity as a supplement and auxiliary online government services, registration and filing, through online booking, two-dimensional code scanning pre filling, on-site guidance, additional reception agency window etc., provide convenient conditions for online approval. Expand self-service channels, community agencies, postal courier service channels, to build a cross regional, cross level, network integration under the government service system. "One network" through the office: a run through all the people’s business services in the field of combing integrated education, health care, social assistance, social welfare, community service, marriage registration, funeral services, social work, employment, social security, family planning, housing security, housing provident fund, public safety and other livelihood resources online services with the help of the unified identity authentication system, Unicom online business, various channels, build a network of convenience services". It is reported that in 2016, the basic realization of government services matters in a number of applications, a window of acceptance, do in the pilot city of internal network". 2017, the province basically built data sharing and exchange platform, government service information systems and online and offline integration service system. Inter provincial transfer exchange electronic license and online authentication system put into application, the initial realization of the pilot city government service cross regional, cross sectoral, cross level "one application, a window of acceptance, network office, items of basic public services available online for more than 80%.相关的主题文章:

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