Ningbo village unearthed ancient pottery heritage lovers guess about 4000 years ago

Ningbo village unearthed ancient pottery heritage lovers guess about 4000 years ago one with the Jomon pottery, Mr. Shao said, according to his many years of experience, the pottery has at least 4000~4500 years. "These ancient pottery found that the village area, very early signs of ancient human activity." Four pm yesterday, the rain stopped, the mound by the rain washed, some black color. "This is the original soil." Shao said. "Why so many Black Hills?" Reporter asked. Shao said that this represents the ancient people’s way of life – the use of fire. The pottery, the temperature is only 600~800 degrees, enough heat, so the pottery is fragile, relatively soft." He touched the reporter, really soft. "Previously found in Ningbo pottery, many of which are Mizi grid lines, pottery, these ancient pottery, see for the first time." The most amazing is that Mr. Shao, part of pottery and Hemudu Site period like. Unhistorical Department: indeed found ancient pottery for He Jia Qiao Cun archaeological discoveries of ancient pottery of the news, suddenly spread throughout the village, even the Ningbo cultural relic protection also came to the scene. Fenghua Security Department official told reporters yesterday morning, and they went to the field of Archaeology in Ningbo. According to the carbon black clip scene, or during the early spring and Autumn period, there are pottery, pottery Liangzhu period, at present, unhistorical Department has sent a letter to the construction unit, the need for archaeological exploration on the scene. The official said that this is not the first time Fenghua found traces of prehistoric civilization. Before this, not far away in this region, the northern foot of the mountain slope Village South Fenghua Jiangkou street after the mountains, found a history of about 5600 years after the famous sites, it is found so far the earliest ancestors of Fenghua residence, the site covers an area of 2 square kilometers, rich cultural accumulation, 2.7 meters thick. In 1989 1991, the two excavation area of about 860 square meters, unearthed buildings, tombs and other relics and hathpace soil and pottery, stone and jade more than and 300 pieces of cultural relics, more than 1 pieces of pottery. The famous after excavation for the subsequent development of Hemudu Site culture provides important material, is a site of Hemudu Site culture and Liangzhu culture relation between stratigraphic layers most clearly, it has a special status in the Jiangsu Zhejiang area, which was named after the famous "type of Liangzhu culture".相关的主题文章:

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