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Nutritionist: baby milk powder can completely give up reading summary: milk powder for the baby really so difficult to give up, the nutritional value of milk powder so comprehensive? (national level nutritionist Wang Guizhen) into the supermarket, a variety of infant formula milk powder on the counter. One, two, and the three paragraph, from the birth of the baby to the baby at the age of three, a variety of different stages of milk powder can meet your needs. While the manufacturers propaganda also hope baby formula to drink at least 3 years old, (laocai medical guide WeChat: laocaidy) if possible, it is best to drink at the age of 7". It is said that the milk powder for the baby really so difficult to give up, the nutritional value of milk powder so comprehensive? Have the baby treasure treasure mom dad for the baby is in the process of pain and happiness, not only worried about the baby to eat, also worried that the child is not good to eat, the most worry is when the baby was born, the mother’s milk was not enough. If the mother’s breast milk is less, you need to add milk, not only is not a small expenditure, and feeding is not as convenient as breast milk. In fact, not only is our country, in the world are recommended breastfeeding, even if the milk is better, not as good as breast milk. Breast milk can meet the nutritional needs of children 0~6 months of physical development. 6 months later, began to add complementary. After the age of one child, the nutritional needs of the body’s development is mainly from other foods, milk is only part of the food. If a child’s nutritional deficiency or excess is determined by the amount of food eaten in the diet, it cannot be determined by a particular food. If it is based on a certain level of nutrients in milk to determine whether it will cause the lack or excess of nutrients, is not reliable. Many people think that the nutritional value of formula milk is very high, containing many kinds of nutrients, in fact, this is just dry weight, add water after brewing nutrients naturally decreased accordingly. Milk powder is the most content of carbohydrates, that is, sugar. The design for the formula manufacturers is actually a reference content of various nutrients in breast milk, through a variety of nutrients content adjusted milk, some trace elements in infant growth must be added, which for one year old baby is a must. However, after the age of one baby, has begun to get a variety of nutrients from other foods, as long as the precious treasure dad mom can give the baby a variety of diet, there is no need to tangle in milk powder. Two paragraph, the three paragraph of milk powder for the baby, is a kind of fortified food, there is no need to continue to add to the child. Years after the baby, the physical development of the required nutrients mainly from the diet, you can drink the milk, you can choose pasteurized milk and milk at room temperature, as long as the pure milk can. Milk does not drink drink does not matter.相关的主题文章:

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