One hundred years saw the bronze genuine accounted for 3%~5%

One hundred years saw the bronze genuine accounted for 3%~5% many scholars believe that "Chen Peifen on" in the collection of bronze bronze distinguishing content is very rare, for professional or private collections are quite significant. However, the bronze expert Chen Peifen’s son, served as her assistant Ding Yimin warned yesterday: "genuine hundred pieces of bronze a year to see the account for 3%~5% of collectors also need to be cautious." He introduced, from the beginning of 2005, bronze collection gradually for everyone’s attention, the future will heat up. According to his observation, the purchase of bronze groups are currently the social elite, mostly for investment or a symbol of identity, really pay attention to its cultural connotation and artistic heritage of about 10%. He said that the larger consumer groups in Shanghai, but the water is very deep". "Most of the circulation in the market is fake, we can see a year hundreds of pieces of bronze, but genuine accounted for 3%~5%." He said, because the bronze as a royal or noble, rarely into folk, genuine in the museum, in addition with the two bronze in the foreign auction sold for high prices, domestic unscrupulous traders have begun to move crooked brains, want to cheat profiteering. He said: "not only is the bronze, ceramics, painting and other antiques market are more confusing, so it is difficult to leak." In the current environment, consumers want to dabble in antiques should pay attention to what? He suggested that the public must first read a professional professional book, don’t be pirated books misleading, Baidu search data is also very easy to be false; secondly to go to the museum to see the genuine; finally, consumers in the premise of cultural relics very well, do not rush out of the pockets, with bronze as an example. Tens of thousands do not buy genuine. Reporter Xiao Qianying source: Xinmin Evening News相关的主题文章:

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