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Patients with cancer treatment costs only 30 thousand families of exaggerated illness donation of 300 thousand (original title: cancer family donations were an exaggerated illness) the day before yesterday, some friends broke the news, Suzhou breast cancer patients in the family network platform will not only raise donations, was exaggerated, and the target amount far exceeds the actual need. Yesterday, the families of patients responded that the test results worse than expected. Fund-raising platform to respond, the family has been rejected before the donation application, the new application is still under review, the target amount has been reduced to a reasonable range. Pictures from the network > > the treatment costs a few million to 300 thousand but donations according to netizens, Suzhou Municipal Hospital of breast cancer patients in the hospital after the end of treatment period, their family members in the network platform on fundraising donations, the target amount of 300 thousand yuan, claiming that early treatment has been used light home savings, the next phase of the monthly fifty thousand or sixty thousand medicine fee. At the same time, the family in the fund-raising platform exaggerated the patient’s condition, and hospital diagnosis is inconsistent with the description. Friends said the hospital doctors found that patients with a total cost of 17000 yuan, due to patients with health insurance, at their own expense of only $6800, while uploading the hospital charges. According to the doctor introduced the treatment of patients with late, is expected to be more than 30 thousand yuan at their own expense. Screenshot online fundraising platform users upload display, the author called the mother of fundraising, mother in October was diagnosed about two thoracic malignant tumor, early surgery has spent all their savings, post chemotherapy plus medication, fifty thousand or sixty thousand monthly medical expenses, the amount of 300 thousand yuan fund-raising target. The hospital material uploaded to the platform shows that patients with left breast cancer, right breast disease. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the online fundraising platform, families have a day before will modify the target amount of 50 thousand yuan, while the reason for change is not filled before the patient description corrected, monthly medical expenses need fifty thousand or sixty thousand statements have been deleted. > > sponsor about the need for expensive drugs yesterday afternoon, patient’s daughter told reporters that in October, the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, 3 tumors, 7 days after hospitalization, surgery performed on by two. 20, after the mother was discharged, the decision to raise money for her mother, the goal of $300 thousand is because I heard that the mother of the body of the results of the third tumors were benign, can be an expensive drug to recuperate. But last night that examination results were malignant, has been unable to go through medication said before, the donation amount has dropped to 50 thousand yuan. I did not pass the doctor and the doctor, just listen to the mother said that the drug needs more than 30 thousand per month, plus chemotherapy, write down the monthly need for medical expenses of fifty thousand or sixty thousand". Ms. Li said yesterday that his mother was hospitalized again, began to receive chemotherapy. > > platform change goal after the doctor approved donation amount yesterday afternoon, online fundraising platform to respond to the person in charge, because the families of 25 of the application cases and submit the hospital condition description does not match, did not pass the examination. 26 evening, the patient’s family will be revised to the target amount of 50 thousand, but did not submit the application materials, is still under review. The platform also made contact with the patient’s attending physician, according to the actual situation of the patient on the introduction of the doctor and the platform’s ability to raise funds, the current target of 50 thousand yuan family.相关的主题文章:

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