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Poke in the tears! Hangzhou, a doctor’s wife, the scraper circle of friends 16, a "stick to" the autumn evening article, being forwarded in the WeChat circle of friends, a lot of people say "a look by poke the point of tears", also someone says, this is the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the most tender story. The article is Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital vascular surgery center, Dr. Zhu Yuefeng’s wife, Xu Jing wrote, recorded the Mid Autumn Festival this year, the family doctor’s extraordinary story, the situation is true and italy. The following is the content of the article: rain of the Mid Autumn Festival, no fragrance, no moon, but can not follow the golden wind travel. However, does not affect the mood of our family holiday. Because the great white rare at home, but there is no overtime in the mid autumn festival. How many mid autumn festival did not have the reunion dinner together at home? I can’t remember。 At least, she has not experienced dad was in the mid autumn festival. Afternoon, the rain, we go to the supermarket with two doll. Festivals are always associated with eating. One family together to eat a meal, ordinary, trivial, is the essence of life. But my family’s big white, more and more busy, can have the opportunity to eat together with the family member is less and less, often several days cannot go home. Today, the rain of the Mid Autumn Festival, together we can purchase food, for the Mid Autumn Festival dinner. We push the cart slowly into the supermarket. What should you buy? I think this is the cook dishes "dream of Red Mansions" in large white, hear the phone rang. "Rupture of iliac artery…… Monitoring room……" I heard the indistinct words. I saw a large white look dignified. Just got two bags of pickles, white said: "I want to go to the hospital, I’ll send you home." "You are not on duty today. Why do you want to go?" I’m a little angry. "If I don’t go, the man will not be able to pass tonight." Said the big white. I have no language. In the face of life and death, everything is negligible. Although it is an irrelevant person’s life and death, can be met. The doctor, but is trying to save a person. Holding two packages of pickled cabbage, the family sat on the speeding car back. After we got off, he would turn the car round. This is the evening, a car into the area, because the Mid Autumn Festival reunion dinner. Only the white car, in the direction of home to go retrograde. In the rain, the white car gradually blurred. Suddenly, my phone rang again. "Help me to the convenience store to buy a zongzi, a bottle of drink. My car can’t stop by the side of the road." White said. I bought something into the window. "Rainy day to drive slowly." I say. The car sped away, a road splash, disappeared in the corner. I know, he’s waiting for the traffic lights, he’ll eat up. Because there’s no time to eat for the fast pace. In order to guarantee the physical, he acquired a red light can eat a hamburger eating pace. It is said that there is not only one operation tonight. It’s impossible to go home to sleep. This is an ordinary doctor’s mid autumn festival. Like him, fighting on the line of life and death of many medical staff. No holidays, no weekends, night after second days of work. High strength, high pressure, zero error. It is a matter of conscience and responsibility to endure endless overtime. Read the Hippocratic oath is not a lie.相关的主题文章:

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