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Provincial Department of human resources and social refinement related injuries on the way to work in case of an accident on the way to work in the work for children accidentally calculate inductrial injury time the toilet picture work accident falls, calculate inductrial injury? To participate in the organization of the long distance running injuries, is not considered an injury? Industrial injury refers to the way to work on how to define…… In November 14th, modern express reporter was informed that the provincial agency issued on the implementation of "byelaw of inductrial injury insurance issues opinions (hereinafter referred to as the" opinions "), the controversial focus of the actual processing, made clear, uniform implementation of the future. Comments from January 1, 2017 onwards. Modern Express reporter Xiang Fenghua Nanjing ZAKER Keywords: working hours Sunday to calculate inductrial injury accident car accident case [April 7, 2013], Xu Juan riding electric car to go to the unit, on the road out of the traffic accident is not my main responsibility. Because just go to work soon, when she did not sign the contract and unit, the unit did not buy the corresponding insurance for her, Xu Juan only out of Pocket Medical expenses. After rehabilitation, Xu Juan think he was on the way to work in a car accident, the company should be given compensation for work-related injuries, and bear the corresponding costs. But the company believes that the day is Sunday, Xu Juan can not be considered work-related injuries. Interpretation of the new regulations [Jiangsu] refinement of the working hours of the scope, including the labor contract workers agreed to the working hours of the employer or the working hours and overtime hours. At the same time, also defined the work out period, during which the employees assigned by the employer or according to the nature of the jobs to the outside of the workplace and engaged in activities related to job responsibilities. Keywords: workplace work when the toilet should calculate inductrial injury accident falls [] Chen case at work to go to the bathroom, because the toilet ground wet, he broke his leg fracture. Chen asked the company to be rejected by industrial injury treatment, after being identified as work-related injuries District Social council. [] the new regulations clearly interpretation of new rules "workplace", including the employer to engage in daily production activities for effective management of the region, including relevant regional staff to complete the work involved in a particular unit outside, also includes a reasonable area between workers due to work from a plurality of their work the responsibilities of the workplace. For example, the cashier to the bank, the sale of business units to run out. At the same time, also refine the scope of "accident damage" because of work reasons, including workers in the workplace and working time, due to injuries suffered directly engaged in production and business activities, including in the work process of temporary workers to solve the physiological needs reasonably necessary due to injuries suffered insecurity. "The toilet or water to the pantry, is necessary and reasonable physiological needs, closely related with the normal work of workers." Key words: work reasons to participate in the organization of the organization of tourism injury, not a work-related injury [case] Li to participate in the organization of the basketball game, accidentally broken, is not considered an injury? Organization of autumn, when climbing out of, can calculate inductrial injury? Interpretation of the new regulations] Jiangsu clear: employing units to arrange or organize workers to participate in sports activities, should be used as a cause of work. The employing unit相关的主题文章:

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