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Romantic city iron taste   Paris auto show ten new Hainan windows — original title: [original] romantic city iron taste ten Paris auto show hot new biennial Paris International Auto Show will be in Paris local time on September 29th officially opened, as one of the world’s five largest international auto show, Paris Auto Show has been to the world’s first car number is known. So in the first 60 new models, which new car is the most noteworthy? Today, we will introduce you to advance ten hot new car will be released at the Paris auto show, and in the day, the car car team reported will be rushed to the auto show scene, bring first-hand reports for you. The 2016 Paris auto show ten hot new model level Volkswagen Tiguan LWB compact SUV Skoda KODIAQ SUV and a new generation of Audi Q5 SUV new QX50 SUV medium medium-sized Infiniti new generation Honda civic compact hatchback version of the new Opel BMW X2 medium speed English Sub concept version of the compact SUV Peugeot 5008 medium-sized SUV Land Rover fifth generation found Porsche in the large SUV new Panemera travel version of large  : Volkswagen New Tiguan LWB (long wheelbase) important degree: the first new car comments: in addition to other aspects of the changes in body size, a comprehensive upgrade will effectively solve many criticized by consumers on the Tiguan trunk storage space is too small, although whether will launch six and seven version of the model is unknown but the domestic new Tiguan. We have reason to believe that the fashion modeling, configuration upgrade, equipped with rich power system of domestic new Tiguan Tiguan will continue to cash in the compact SUV market in good performance. Recently, overseas media to take a group of Volkswagen Tiguan LWB (long version) real car pictures. It is reported that, compared to the previous release of the axis version, is expected to use the three row of the layout of the long axis of the new version of the new Tiguan on the basis of the original wheelbase lengthened 110mm, and up to 2791mm. In the domestic context, the new Tiguan will be delivered before November, and then launched a new domestic Tiguan will be aimed at domestic consumer demand for the car, the official launch of the long wheelbase version of the vehicle. The new Tiguan version of the long axis of the new Tiguan road test exposure enabled new family style design officially released in September last year at the Frankfurt auto show, compared with the current model, the new Tiguan body lines more tough, tall and collocation body waist and fashionable tail lamp modelling significantly enhance its overall color value, aesthetic and more close to the young consumers. From the exposure of the real car figure, the long axis version of the new Tiguan compared to the standard version of the tail version of the model is further extended, after the design of the triangular window has changed. Volkswagen New Tiguan long axis version of the Volkswagen New Tiguan axis version and everyone concerned about the size of the body, the new T.相关的主题文章:

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