Shiyan women’s sputum flying down the sanitation workers sanitation workers smashed the broken windo yuria

Shiyan women’s sputum flying down the sanitation workers sanitation workers smashed the broken window after getting up in the morning at the woman downstairs and spat, the sputum was just in the downstairs is cleaning the sanitation worker’s neck, under a stone woman sanitation workers home windows smashed. 19, the Dongyue Public Security Bureau West police station mediation, two people finally shake hands. The 18 day morning 8 am, who lives in the city area of Ms. Yang after getting up at Chaochuang spat, the sanitation workers master Li was downstairs cleaning, the sputum just falls on the master Li’s neck. "Who is spitting phlegm? Don’t you know anyone downstairs?" Master Li shouted upstairs several times, but no one has been upstairs response. Master Li is angry, he looked up and found that the whole building in addition to the two floor of a family, other people have installed anti-theft network. "It must be the spit from the family." So think, Li Shifu picked up a piece of stone, towards the two floor, there is no security net people throw the window in the past. Crash sound, a piece of window glass crashed and broken. This window is the Yang family, see the windows smashed, Ms. Yang did not work, to master Li shouted, then two people dispute. Soon after receiving the alarm of the Western police station rushed to the scene, the two will be taken to the police station. To the police station, two people are still arguing, Ms. Yang said he just spat, Master Li must compensate glass; and master Li believes that Ms. Yang to spit on others is not the only, so messed up her glass. The two sides to keep arguing, the police had to separate the two, respectively, to do the work. "If someone spit on you, would you be angry?" Yang suggested that the police to change another point of view, Ms. Yang thought for a while and then lowered his head ashamed. Master Li told the police, although Ms. Yang was wrong earlier, but the damage to property of others is the fact that this is a trivial matter, why matter to the demanding and time-consuming, Li Shifu listened to also nod. After the police patience to preach the relevant legal knowledge, both sides recognize their mistakes, and ultimately the two sides reached a settlement agreement after leaving. (reporter Tan Xiangjun)相关的主题文章:

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