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SONY new sensor built-in 0.03 seconds high-speed AF function [global technology reporter Wang Huan] according to the "Japanese economic news" reported on February 17th, SONY announced in February 16th, has developed a high-speed autofocus built-in the fastest 0.03 seconds (AF) and new CMOS electronic anti shake function (complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor). It will be mainly for smartphones, and it can also be used for drones that are prone to wobble. After installing this image sensor, even the smartphone camera can make it easier to photograph night scenes and moving objects more clearly. The size of the new image sensor "Exmor RS IMX318" is about 10% smaller than before, but the effective pixel is 22 million 500 thousand, which increases by 1 million 500 thousand. In addition to increasing resolution, the efficiency of light utilization is increased and the sensitivity is maintained. SONY plans to start mass production from May. Samples without tax, the price is 2000 yen (about 114 yuan). With the characteristics of stacked CMOS which can be built into signal processing circuit in the image sensor, the power consumption is reduced and the shooting performance is improved. Not only equipped with can quickly capture the subject and focus of the "mixed AF" technology, and the use of intelligent mobile phone signal gyro sensor, can fix the rotation angle and three axis direction of the lens distortion and jitter.

索尼新型传感器 内置0.03秒高速对焦功能   【环球科技报道 记者 王欢】据《日本经济新闻》2月17日报道,索尼2月16日宣布,已开发出内置最快0.03秒的高速自动对焦(AF)和电子防抖动功能的新型CMOS(互补金属氧化物半导体)图像传感器。将主要面向智能手机,也可以用于易发生抖动的无人机。安装了这款图像传感器后,即使是智能手机的摄像头也能更容易将夜景和迅速移动的物体拍摄得更为清晰。   新型图像传感器“Exmor RS IMX318”的尺寸比以往缩小约10%,但有效像素达到2250万,增加了150万。在提高分辨率的同时,还增加了光线的利用效率,维持了感光度。索尼计划从5月开始量产。样品不含税价格为2000日元(约合人民币114元)。   利用可在图像传感器中内置信号处理电路的积层式CMOS的特点,在降低耗电量的同时,提高了拍摄性能。不但配备了能迅速捕捉被摄体并完成对焦的“混合型AF”技术,而且利用智能手机的陀螺仪传感器的信号,能修正旋转和角度等三轴方向的抖动以及镜头的扭曲。相关的主题文章:

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