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The innovation of science and technology: + Dual Core linkage Bantian new growth pole – activities – Shenzhen Locke network?? Locke Sina News   "13th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen municipal government through the implementation of the "Shenzhen city east of the East strategy implementation action plan (2016-2020)". The proposed scheme, for the implementation of "innovation + technology" strategy, Shenzhen plans a total investment of 1 trillion and 400 billion, the implementation of 342 projects, so generous is remarkable. ?? + dual core technology innovation to help Bantian upgrade?? it is reported that in Shenzhen the transformation of a Shekou into 60 billion, 200 billion, Qianhai North Station CBD investment invested nearly 400 billion. In the eastern part of Shenzhen, the government will invest 1 trillion and 400 billion epoch-making masterpiece. Sina Locke reporter believes that this is entirely in accordance with building a "center city" standard in building. It is foreseeable that Shenzhen West than in the east of the situation will completely change, the new growth pole will also impact the eastern central Longgang. ?? Spend so much money to build the eastern Shenzhen CBD, as an important strategic fulcrum of Shenzhen "East" way of Longgang will usher in opportunities. Bantian is the priority among priorities of Longgang, and the central axis of the East is the core region, which means that with the East strategy, Sakata Ya ushered in a new growth pole. ?? According to statistics, "Longgang district innovation driven development action plan (2015 – 2020)" released, shows the important position of Bantian, which made a total of 16 innovation driven projects, and clearly by the end of 2020 to complete the construction of the basic. Bantian street people full of confidence and determination. So, where does Bantian’s confidence come from? According to the reporter learned that the Bantian location is very superior, adjacent to the Merlin second, located in the territory of Shenzhen "East + axis". Through years of infrastructure construction, and now convenient transportation, logistics developed, but also gathered HUAWEI, the new world, such as more than and 10 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, with a strong industry gathering and demonstration driven role. With the gradual implementation of the dividend strategy, Osaka silver channel and Metro Line 10 will also increase the traffic efficiency and radiation zone, Bantian area advantage will be greatly improved, the biggest beneficiaries will be living in the Bantian area of the public. But the reformers are the innovators, the reformers, the innovators?. In fact, as Bantian City, industry and social transformation of the first street, early to enter the new normal economic development, to achieve sustained leading economic development, must use the innovation first mover advantage, innovation driven out of a characteristic development path. This is also related to Bantian’s early emphasis on innovation and development. In recent years, the streets of Bantian are also constantly create a good environment for the enterprise innovation, and even the establishment of an hour fast response mechanism to address the needs of enterprises. Nowadays, Bantian, as an important gateway to the East and west of Shenzhen, Shenzhen has become a necessary area for the development of deep east. While the high-end enterprise, industry and talent gathered strong force, will provide strong support for the "East" strategy. ?? It is worth mentioning that, [Shenzhen] Kaisa city square in Bantian, Longgang as the priority among priorities in Bantian. Kaisa spent a lot of time, energy and money into the fold相关的主题文章:

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