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The "deep" Holocaust collection of old play bone "acting as" Russell "with its" entertainment Sohu – Captain Kurt – Russell Kurt – Russell John – Malkovich glared at the "click to enter [map] Sohu HD entertainment news" deep catastrophe "in November 15th will be landing in theaters nationwide, the film from the" Transformers 4 "," turn "," Tactic bear "the actor Mark Wahlberg appeared, and little meat Dylan Obrien for the film to provide fresh blood. In addition, the old drama of bone Kurt – Russell and John – Malkovich also joined the film, with the absolute strength of the two interpretation of a positive and negative role in the film "the most responsible" and "greed", and provide for the film a spectacle. The action star "character actor" as the incarnation of acting on the old play bone to keep a mention of John – Malkovich, is Hollywood’s people, he not only got the two Oscar nominated actor, also won the Munich International Film Festival Award for lifetime achievement. Malkovich had created many rich characters, called the movie "character actor". He was a "battlefield" in "CIA agents before he played in One aims for the far-off future.", "con air" in number one on the screen shows the strange and treacherous temperament, was also in the "Madagascar penguins" for the villain voice. His acting from a faction, no matter how much the audience will be in the first second to impress the audience. A well-known Hollywood actor Kurt Russell is 65 years old this year, Hollywood is absolutely the old drama of bone, in different roles are familiar with so many actors admire. In fact the beginning of Kurt – Russell is a Hollywood action star was born, for his film roles mostly screen tough guy. However, with the growth of the age, Kurt Russell’s career is not because of no action films and stopped, "7", "speed and passion", "the Milky Way guard 2 eight villains" let the audience for his fine acting acting as absolute is deeply impressed, "numerous things". "With its" VS "and" PK "mercenary" acting in the movie "deep collision sparks" havoc, Kurt Russell plays Jimmy manager of the Deepwater Horizon offshore installation, the command staff on drilling. And John – Malkovich starred stubborn BP representative, because his insatiably avaricious that led to this and persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, disaster. Before the exposure of the stills, the two old drama of bone plays a positive and negative "two party a Biao play, light eyes are full of acting. Russell’s is the most sad movie role, his understanding of the role of the profound: "you realize that in this dangerous world, when disaster strikes, people can only try to make the right decision. These decisions are not absolute right or wrong, it is difficult to face." The director for John – Malkovich’s evaluation is one of the most interesting actor to work with". The oil company he represents not only has a strong leadership, but also a table.相关的主题文章:

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