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The completion of the Imperial Palace high mysterious temple main hall on the main building to repair the end of Beijing yesterday, in a large high mysterious temple temple roof, the staff of the high xuandian on top of the temple in the. Beijing morning news reporter Li Muyi photo high grade ancient buildings, in the middle of a roof will be placed on, this is a "objects", reflect the ancient people’s psychological disadvantages. Yesterday, the Imperial Palace main hall was held on a large high mysterious temple "to" ceremony, with treasures and be put into the archive, marking the high mysterious temple of the main building renovation project is nearing completion. Next, after the completion of the renovation of the the Imperial Palace will set high xuandian education training, digital museum and exhibition of various social service functions in one. Scene: the main hall on the roof on to the Imperial Palace yesterday, modern building large high mysterious temple hospital has been removed, the Ming and Qing two generations of the royal temple pattern once again emerged. Most of the house has been completed structure overhaul, only the main hall is surrounded by green construction weidang. 2 pm, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang personally involved in the main hall on to a large high mysterious temple ceremony. He said that on ANN is a traditional ancient building renovation, the renovation of a large high mysterious temple still respect the traditional way. The scene of the Imperial Palace experts said that the ancient high grade house will be placed on the roof of the world, this is a kind of objects, a good psychological reflection ancient advantage. On a gold, precious stones, five colored metal, colored satin and colored lines, five spices, medicine, grain and other items. The house of different classes, the items inside will be different. For example, Taihe palace treasures may be five gold, but the discovery of large high mysterious temple on the rear of hardware just five coins. Large high mysterious temple main hall treasures because seal well, so do not know what is inside. But experts said that the high xuandian Lvjing repair, because of waning power, so after the Temple Treasures only five coins. The main hall on the seal intact, there should be the Ming dynasty or the original, so there must be some high grade goods. Engineering: repair and protection of the same time, according to Dan Jixiang, the repair project was officially started in April 2, 2015, a variety of protection research work simultaneously. It is not only the focus of a large high mysterious temple of the State Administration of cultural heritage protection project, and it is also one of the first studies of the Imperial Palace Museum renovation and protection project. In the actual operation process, the the Imperial Palace team in the repair using not only the ideas and methods of Archaeology at the same time, the first joint the Imperial Palace Institute of archaeology, archaeologists, first went up on the roof layout of trenches, "archaeological exploration". All kinds of important relics found in Architectural Archaeology are numbered, recorded, drawn and preserved according to the archaeological method. The archaeologists tells an interesting little found at the scene, is in a clearing house found a brackets, "Wan Feng Trading" Matchbox in a bucket car. Upon inquiry, Wanfeng Limited is a company in the Republic of China, the matchbox is likely to be lost in the Republic of China’s workers on housing. Because。相关的主题文章:

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