The most beautiful performance exposure pilot posters Zhang Yi bow smile show elegance exit safe mode

The most beautiful performance exposure pilot posters Zhang Yi bow smile visible refined "most beautiful show" Zhang Yi pilot posters Sina entertainment news 2016 "best performance" has been launched! This year, we selected 10 high degree of concern of the actors in this year’s big and small screens, to show the most beautiful performance. This week, a group of exclusive pilot poster exposure, Zhang Yi [micro-blog] elegant appearance, with his bow smile "is" the image of the pupil be quite different. Many people are aware of Zhang Yi from "soldier assault" in the "monitor", in the next few years, Zhang Yi starred in the drama "my head of my soldiers" Meng tired, "line", "He Moxiu Qiao Haiyang," the Corps years "in" the edge of vertical steel clearly, these works brought many awards for him, so he harvest the audience’s reputation, the integrity of the military image more deeply. At the same time, a single image is also bound to Zhang Yi as an actor of various possibilities. Since then, Zhang Yi began to expand deep screen career on the big screen. "Golden age" originally did not play him, but Zhang Yi insisted on playing back, Director Ann Hui texting, the crew encountered difficulties, he is very loyal, with a final simple stubborn effort, entered the crew. With persistent momentum, Zhang Yi in the film the situation gradually opened, "dear Han Dezhong," inside the multi-faceted personality "enemy" in the mountains and rivers across decades of Zhang Jinsheng, all the audience impressed, "dear" as he won the thirtieth Golden Rooster Award for best supporting actor. In the film the reputation of art films at the same time, Zhang Yi also starred in several commercials, many friends, mining more likely. In 2016, a "murderer" also subvert the inherent impression of the Zhang Yi. After ten years of military life he has rare simple at the same time, it will inevitably be given the impression that bound. In the film Cao Baoping, Zhang Yi as the murderer, not only to be quexinyan, but also inadvertently exposed a delicate mind, quite challenging. The so-called "polish, regarded as", is the best annotation of Zhang Yi. With the business expansion of territory, people began to realize that the actor unknown lovely side, with friends to talk about "actor lipstick", dubbed "addiction actor" Zhang Yi in a sincere manner, and his audience in communication. The pilot poster to Zhang Yi’s moment of pure vision, the future, I believe he has more surprises to the audience. (A Huiwen) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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