The new Austrian China Cup Seven quarter finals Zhou Rui will fight South Korea only child (video) plustek

The new Austrian China Cup Seven quarter finals Zhou Rui will fight South Korea only child Braun cup world open kija reversed the final eight photo Tencent sports news November 10th, the new Austrian cup world open 16 strong wars in Hebei of Langfang city of Harding Park, 54 year old to 18 year old party Fengsu Shen Zhenxu, Li Zhe white the Sheng Chen Yaoye, more out of two time world champion Jiang Dongrun, kija beat the only Japanese player Ida Atsushi. In addition to South Korea’s Shen Zhenxu, eight and seven seats are China players. The quarter finals to finals will be held on April 2016. New Austrian cup champion bonus 2 million 200 thousand yuan. Fang Tianfeng young is the best record in a national individual championship, on 90s in the century after the fade line elective classes go to Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities and culture. For many years did not participate in the occupation events, the first two rounds of winning in the 8 time world champion at Tsinghua and 18 year old coulee 2012 competition "champion" Shu laugh, 54 year old "teacher" has become a public Tianfeng old man of god". Today the face of the new Austrian Cup this season most young players, South Korea ranked third in the latest Zhenxu been serious Fang Tianfeng Shen, miscalculation, big bad mood early in a world series game in hand the minimum number of records. However, the teacher has also set a record: the establishment of the world’s top 16 finalists of the world’s top players, is also the world’s largest in 2004 after the tournament’s top 16 players. Kija against top 16 only Japanese player Ida Atsushi. With the white Ida Atsushi set the first half very well, continuous rule alone escaped kija attacks into the end game stage is a fine game situation. The end game when Ida Atsushi step off the wrong moment by kija seize the opportunity to obtain cheap, laid the victory. At present in the Peking University student Li Zhe was Chinese chess star of hope, won the championship and the Dragon Star Wars "surrounding the most valuable player" award. Chen Yaoye won the Chunlan Cup World Championship in 2013, this year into the Braun Cup final and 2-0 lead kija. Li Zhe had the best performance in the World Series in 2008 thirteenth Samsung Cup quarter finals, to focus on her studies today, he wins the Chen Yaoye white middle again into the quarterfinals. The more they hold the white than Jiang Dongrun. Jiang Dongrun won the men’s individual champion in 2008 the first world intellectual movement, in 2009 won the Fujitsu Cup World Championships last year, winning kija more, Pu Yongxun, won the LG cup champion, is a strength to win the opponent. The office layout, because he white 26, black 29 strong works. When the 52 day white fairy, and 64 white success. When the disc white attacks too direct, even lead to black the upper hand back, is Jiang Dongrun. Then the black was too conservative, excessive bleeding, white to 176 more complete reversal. The game finally ended, Zhou Ruiyang white wins Middle South Korean players Han Seung week, South Korea and Japan so far only one player in the quarter finals. Results: all the 16 War (in) more than Jiang Dongrun (Han) Fang Tianfeng (in) negative Zhenxu (Han) Shen Tan Xiao (in) wins gold use (South Korea) Zhou Ruiyang (in) – Han Shengzhou)相关的主题文章:

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