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The three section report: harden 17 assists 96-90 Lakers career record rocket – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 27th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, the Houston rockets away to usher in the new season opener against the Losangeles Lakers. After the three quarter, the Rockets 96-90 temporarily lead. Harden mad brush 9 assists in the first section opened, the two teams did not test, launch the attack quickly. Harden continuously sent pass, Anderson assists and Gordon jumped into the net. In addition, beard I two strong sudden success, to help the Rockets 9-4 lead. Next, the visitors continue to expand the lead, Gordon foul free throws into the net, when most rockets, has 9 points ahead. But since then, the rocket defense weakness old problems began to expose. Lakers led by Nick Young, Russell and others, a little bit closer to the score. Russell three points into the net, the Lakers will erase the difference. Next, a continuation of the trend is still open, harden show subtle air frequently take the ball assists Cappella dunk, Russell continued to hit the three arrow on the perimeter. With Lewis – Williams buzzer three network, a single day finished, both sides equal 38 ping. James boom 16+14 Gordon 15 Festival, the two teams have opened by the end of the rotation, borrow rocket fire, slightly ahead. But the middle section, the two teams once again caught in a tug of war, harden re debut, continued during his performance, Anderson assists, and Ariza, Gordon, Cappella continuous benefit. Before the end of the first half, Gordon again received a harden pass, ultra far three points into the net, the Rockets will be extended the lead to two digits. At the same time, harden had 14 assists! Harden on rhythm of the last attack and caused Randall foul in the perimeter, he throws 3, half finished, the Rockets lead 71-63. Harden career record 17 assists easy side battles, the two sides were hot trend, finally cooled. But the Rockets in harden’s, continues to lead. This section, Nick Young large cap Cappella Russell shot back, Motz gove three pointers, the two attack ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. In the defensive end, the end of this section, the Lakers sent cishiping tight harden. However, this does not harden by fear, assists and fouls, he again helped stabilize the situation. The 17 assists, but also to refresh the career of a single mustache assists record. With the outside harden foul 3 free throws, three day after 96-90, the Rockets continue to lead. The Lakers’ starting lineup: Randall, Nick Young, Deng, Mozgov, the Russell rockets starting lineup: Ryan Anderson, Ariza, Cappella, Gordon, James (Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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