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Sound welfare "sparrow" charm of Zhang Luyi’s voice as a role – plus Sohu entertainment "sparrow" Zhang Luyi stills Zhang Luyi poster Sohu entertainment spy war drama "sparrow" in Hunan satellite TV broadcast in full swing, this is the audience praised "the only value can not be Yan and acting to live hot drama, the strength of the actor Zhang Luyi Yan values and dedication the acting of the" double high "performance, the perfect interpretation of the role of Bi Zhongliang. In addition, after boss subwoofer successfully captured the voice of countless viewers ears, for the role of a big plus. The eyes are charming, play sound, Luyi Zhang "sparrow" perfect interpretation of Bi Zhongliang is Hunan TV hit TV series "sparrow" to show the puppet period, Shanghai spy war situation. The strength of the male god Luyi Zhang Bi Zhongliang played a corner, as the spy chief, the boss in Shanghai is an extremely cruel and merciless, with hair standing on end. But is such a sharp style, ruthless "villain" has become a major part of the play, attracted a lot of attention, of course, this is because the boss is so charming. Bi Zhongliang in the play, often played are tailored suit three piece big head back, shiny, cigar when silent, handsome face, slender fingers, a suction eye weapon. One of the most impressive and charming eyes and intoxicating bass sound. As the strength of the actors, Zhang Luyi on the character’s eyes to control people whether it is cruel, overwhelmed with admiration for, biting on the enemy, or to his wife and brother Chen to cherish affection, deep Chongni and suspicion are intertwined, play. As a bonus, a "Su" "Bi Zhongliang’s voice that is capitalized, such as a mellow like cello bass figures will be calm, calculating personality revealed beyond doubt, become a unique symbol of the character. Zhang Luyi dubbed into voice for the role of welfare, the more points the character of Bi Zhongliang is such a charming voice thanks to Zhang Luyi’s original sound. In fact, as early as "sparrow" dubbing trailer exposure, a lot of fish egg powder is irresistible. It was the first time to respond Luyi Zhang Fan, said the firm will own dubbing. After the show aired the audience really found Luyi Zhang did not go back, charming voice role has also become a big plus, countless voice powder benefits, even the netizen said: "after the boss sounds nothing special, I have repeatedly heard 80 times." Asked in an interview why insist on their own voice, Luyi Zhang humorously said: "the reason to choose their own voice, is hoping to complete character. Even if the character is not good, will be scold, scold me anyway is chanting, don’t blame people with bad voice." In fact, the voice of Luyi Zhang did not "scolded", but has become the focus. "It is not in the micro-blog group said:" "the sparrow" in the shape of Bi Zhongliang Luyi Zhang is one of the highlights, worthy of a lot. The charismatic bass voice contains certain, let brother (Chen Shen) had to take that." More fans Fawei Bo said: "listen to the voice Luyi Zhang will be pregnant……" Such evaluation can be seen in the voice of the charm.相关的主题文章:

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