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This year the most popular 4 makeup and do not learn out this year beauty industry trend for a while to take a real rocket can provoke. In the spring, everyone is learning Song Hye Kyo with the meteor eyebrow. The hands of the party has not yet studied the quality of the curvature of the eyebrows, show the wisdom of wild eyebrows on the fire up, eyebrows naturally hairy, should be able to draw a minute. The large power power in the "Dear translation officer" with grapefruit color lipstick, I do not know how many counters lead Qi out of stock. However, now already is late autumn to winter, these small fresh feel already be inopportune or inappropriate, season change, trend to shuffle. In fact, the source of all the trends are all over the world show, a show to let all the secrets of Vitoria fully deserve every year. Released from the model list to show, from the stage to behind the scenes of each point are the headlines throughout the wind sways grass. Natural makeup is attracting worldwide attention, which cooperate with the makeup brand, makeup artist will create what makeup are super curious. The show’s make-up brand cooperation this year is Max Factor, is the world’s only one Oh, good! Max Factor, creative director of Kevin Asia teacher also created 4 makeup to the minute’s inspiration, is the first wave of trend into next year. Confidence first inspired by the mysterious dark angel, sexy, a look will be able to hook away souls. Lace painting is too magical, daily makeup can be replaced with golden brown eye shadow. This is one of the key micro fog face makeup makeup, teacher Kevin using Max Factor through sliding powder, silty fine, can create models that senior matte makeup effect. And the shell also grow a beautiful little wings, is a special edition dedicated to the launch of the Victoria’s secret. The key is two Kevin with the gloss lips, the teacher is Max Factor charm Moisturizing Lip Balm lip ingredients, as high as 60%, both polish and lip color, plump lip brush can be sketched out a more beautiful lip. The third is a free free warm warm, with a little freedom in Bohemia wild, youthful. Blue and green, blue and green. Showing warm makeup, have bright natural luster. Teacher Kevin Max is used Factor Aqua touch cream foundation here, the legend can do "seemingly paste, touch the water, into three state makeup like mist", thin and concealer, naturally uniform color, will not have a sense of the mask. The eyes are green, no Mattau God really do not hold up.相关的主题文章:

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