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Netizen 80 locations need public bicycle   response: reference and Research – Shaanxi channel — original title: online message 80 locations need public bicycle response: the reference and research in Xi’an where necessary public bike site users a message on the 80 sites most popular a few days ago, the Chinese network released the collection where Xi’an is badly in need of a public bike station ", in WeChat, micro-blog, the forum received a total of nearly a thousand user comments. Xi’an netizens demand for bicycles was so high, it seems that the public bicycle has become an indispensable means of transport for many people in Xi’an. 29, the Xi’an public bicycle company leader told China Network interview, we referred to the 80 hot spots of Chinese netizens recommend the public bicycles in Xi’an said the company leaders will reference netizen opinion survey. Friends recommended location: suburban subway needs urgent demand in thousands of messages, netizens recommend hundreds of much-needed bicycle locations, including more than and 80 locations have been recommended, these sites are mostly concentrated in the suburban area and along the subway. The more popular suburban locations, such as bridge, south of Chanba Peninsula surrounding University City, north near the North Third Ring Road and other places, there are more intensive residential areas, while the existing bus can not satisfy the demand for travel, so the local people eager for public bicycle can solve their "last mile". Users mentioned more along the subway station. In addition to the existing subway line two, line three, is about to open the subway line is also the focus of the site recommended by users. Such as fish of the village station, technology road Xikou, Qinglong temple, stone street, Ba center etc.. After the opening of metro line three, the people will increase the flow of these subway, public bicycle demand will increase. Xi’an public bicycle company responded: the netizen opinion research reference 29, Xi’an public bicycle company leaders to accept the Chinese network interview, on issues of concern to users to reply one by one. When we see the 80 place finishing friends recommended, Xi’an public bicycle company leader Liu Zhimin said, they also have the staff to collect users advice online, some research is that they have had or are planning to place this station in 80 locations, but said it will refer to Chinese netizen opinion, to some other place will also carry out research. It is understood that the construction of public bicycle station will be affected by many factors. The basic conditions of building the site: 1 Location: subway, bus lines on the import and export of large residential area, site entrance, Business Center Plaza, the regional administrative center; the 2 space covers an area of not less than (25 meters *2 meters) 50 square meters, from the blind, the green belt at least 0.5 meters to 3 power supply: around; within 20 meters of a stable power supply (units, businesses, the best) lamp or other lighting facilities etc.. In addition to the above basic conditions, there are other factors will affect the site, such as the overall planning of the city. As users a message popular Hefeng intersection of this site, because the construction of Spark Road overpass construction fence)相关的主题文章:

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