Veteran illegal possession of firearms and ammunition into the basement into ammunition depot nibbuns

Veteran illegal possession of firearms and ammunition will be converted into the basement of the Arsenal veteran gun addiction, illegal possession of firearms 12 and a large number of ammunition, but also into the basement of the house into a "ammunition depot". Yesterday, the Honghu police informed: the Bureau cracked a case of illegal possession of firearms, the suspect has been prosecuted prosecutors prosecution. According to reports, Panmou, 30 years old, Honghu people, who had served in the Guangdong army, obsessed with guns, military, retired military standard to smuggle 4 bullets, after coming home again in the stall on the purchased metal simulation gun box 39 meter 46400, 1 boxes of 570 grain steel ball. During 2014, Panmou join online "military fans like" QQ group, to help repair the guns as an excuse to continue to deceive users all kinds of simulation 17 rifles, 2 pistols. In April 2015, he was in the "" bought a 95 "training for the rubber gun". In March this year, the Jingzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of Customs anti smuggling bureau to check with the online sale of clues, and the Honghu Municipal Public Security Bureau police knocking together Panmou door, was shocked at the scene: in the pan’s residence and the basement, found all kinds of simulation 18 rifles, 2 pistols, 4 bullets suspected military standard and some gun parts, but also a large quantity of ammunition, military and police uniforms and corsage from flowers, military and police type activities. This incident, Honghu police will be detained when pan. After identification, the gun involved in the case of 12 firearms were identified as firearms. At the time of interrogation, pan initially thought, "I am playing with a gun, what law?" A loss by the police serious sin, carefully explain the legal knowledge, Panmou finally wake up, for their crimes confessed.相关的主题文章:

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