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VR news with you into the " "   the first scene; " technology; " + content; one – the media – people.com.cn original title: VR news takes you into the first scene not long ago, the Rio Olympics officially ending, in addition to memorable events, 360° panoramic video, 8K Ultra HD display UAV shooting, robots and other advanced technology news media themselves, but also for the Olympic Games added a touch of bright color technology. From the beginning of this year continued to be popular virtual reality technology (VR) is relying on its excellent broadcast of the Olympic Games, once again high-profile public view. The financial media era, "let the virtual into reality the concept of science and technology began to become a new direction to explore the transformation of air plant, the media at home and abroad. According to the latest statistics of the public opinion monitoring room, the first half of 2016, only VR news related reports in the field there are more than 10.5 articles, micro-blog, WeChat article more than 8 articles, nearly a hundred mobile phone applications. VR has achieved good results in the entertainment market, how to participate in the production of professional news? "VR+ news" this cross combination, in the future market convergence and audience penetration level and what challenges? The small "VR+ news" debuts on the Sina News held a "news media how fun 360° era dip; panorama news" the theme of the salon, invited the technology, media and academics, to explore the "dip news" era of Internet news reports. Communication University of China Professor, Faculty of Journalism and communication, Sun Zhenhu believes that the "unique VR news is that it will expand the sense of space at the same time, extending the audience’s sensory experience". Photos and videos are not enough to show the news scene, VR panorama can be moved to the audience before the entire news scene. The user is no longer simply "see", "listen" to "read" the news, but in the "experience" of news events. People’s daily and other central media, Sina and other online media on the VR+ news conducted a preliminary attempt. Last year’s "9? 3" Victory Day parade, people’s daily media platform (central kitchen) for the first time the introduction of panoramic VR equipment recorded exciting grand parade, all-round display of wonderful moments of the parade. This year’s two sessions reported that the VR technology has become a unique magic weapon, users on the phone to open the H5 link, you can instantly exposure to the mystery of the Great Hall of the people. In foreign countries, the practice of VR in the field of news landing flowering. In November last year, the United States, the New York Times launched the first 360° panorama news "displaced", the use of immersion reporting skills, tells the story of the three children in the refugee crisis in the state of survival. Wearing VR glasses as users with the film in the same time to refugees, visible when the plane screamed, dropped supplies; when people come in a throng, visible around the looting food, refugees living state in the first angle watch, showing a more intense emotional impact. After the "New York Times" release move相关的主题文章:

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