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Liu Xuan Wang Tao and his wife Qi battle scene bright "delicacy variety juehuoer" – Entertainment Sohu Liu Xuan Liu Xuan Wang Tao Wang Tao live show cooking scene to do yoga Sohu entertainment news recently, Liu Xuan Wang Tao couple appeared large star sports live show broadcast season delicacy "who is recording your food", still breastfeeding Liu Xuan dressed in a plaid shirt. With a half ball head, face if the Peach Girl sense, battle with her husband Wang Taoqi, live show secret food, taste and love is. Show Liu Xuan not only personally turned American Beauty chef cook, is part of the game in the bright juehuoer, a big show of yoga and gymnastics. The scene in the program announced to bring their own delicacy, Liu Xuan and husband memories let two people become attached to the delicacy – Yunnan moon cake, smiling two very sweet, while Liu Xuan and Li Xiang host have broke the news, Wang Tao is a hundred-percent chowhound, and he was eating the best AA, or friendship to come to an end. At the same time, Xiao Shenyang couple admit eat spicy, eat Hot pot record for three consecutive days, and Liu Xuan also said he could one day not resigned to playing second fiddle, three Hot pot meal, show jokes constantly broke. As a delicacy show, "who is your dish" it is natural to test the guests cooking, this program, Liu Xuan and Xiao Shenyang couple not only to fetch food from his refrigerator, the refrigerator will use other ingredients, which enhance the difficulty. At the end of the program, Wang Tao took the egg, tofu, peaches, butter and other ingredients, seems to be ready to use in the universe as Liu Xuan cook, what he made use of these ingredients, what kind of food? This Thursday 21:10 micro satellite TV, "who is your dish" second season announced for you.   相关的主题文章:

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