Wuhan University R & D lift Andy box harvest year 4 million rainism

Wuhan University R & D lift Andy box "harvest year 4 million has a" lift expert at the Hubei University of Technology, he not only can make the elevator energy-saving 30%, can do safety warning. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the hugongda team, a student in the school not long ago with this project China "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship college national finals start-up group silver, also set up a company, with annual sales of more than and 200 products, expected annual turnover of 4 million yuan. These days, elevator room technology building the school, invited a security expert "– the green cloud will be able to lift, lift electricity and power equipment data through the network to the cloud data center analysis, feedback to the user’s mobile phone terminal, computer terminal, and the development of the system is six college student team composition. The team leader Hu Ming introduced, through the market survey found that currently on the market the traditional elevator universal electric energy waste, low efficiency and short service life of the elevator, the team designed the "green treasures", the running state of elevator induction sensor can be a little strange, can quickly through the network information feedback go out, greatly reduce the energy consumption of elevator and the frequency of accidents. At present, the project has been approved by the national elevator quality supervision and inspection center, and the establishment of the company’s products on the market. Products sold more than and 200 sets, expected product turnover of 4 million yuan, has also been included in the smart city construction in Huangshi. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章:

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