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Xu Yue with partner Liu Xuan sparks Xu Letong Xu Letong will exercise variety dynamic on-line photo Tencent entertainment news recently, sports variety show "I am Superman" is being recorded, this program is to be merged into the game as head of the audience, and experiment, interaction, delicacy, fashion and other elements. "I am Superman" break the previous variety show mode, dedicated to the "LOHAS" concept of young people in the city to create a new happy fitness program. The host of the program by television, songs, presided over the development of all aspects of the dwelling artist Xu Le, beauty gymnastics champion Liu Xuan, and amused movement represented Wang Chenbei presided over the formation of ultra ability group, guide the healthy sports lifestyle for the audience. Fully cooperate with the official revealed that the file program has nearly a hundred, will be broadcast in a well-known TV broadcast week, the recent meeting with the audience. The program is based on the method of fitness gymnastics, fitness, bodybuilding, Chinese medicine and other scientific basis, to solve the problem of daily diet and exercise of the audience, many effective output shaping methods, hope to now busy fitness groups to provide the most professional advice and help. According to reports, Xu Letong and Liu Xuan in "I am Superman" was not the first cooperation, some time ago Liu Xuan brand women’s sportswear line, Xu Letong as a guest host to participate in, to help friends identity platform. Two people live with a tacit understanding, and fans in the live interactive platform, widely acclaimed. Based on the "I am Superman" program platform, two people have nearly three months of continuous recording cooperation time. Fans say: the same brother and Michelle shall stand CP, name have called "CP." well. "I am Superman" by taking over the warm male temperament toughened and hardened into steel in addition, Xu Le with the host debut hosted multiple ratings high programs, but also because the harvest of the comfortable humor presided over the typhoon wave fans. However, the acquaintance of the friends are also very much like his other identity – singer. Some time ago he made songs and sang "fill in" on the line once widespread. Xu Yue also with practical action to prove that the music like a big boy, the music has not given up the stick. But Xu Le said frankly: "this is my successor" Superman "is for a stick to their host, a few years ago was very lucky to be a host, now also for the lucky harder."相关的主题文章:

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