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Xuanwu hospital new landmark completed, Dean of secret wisdom brain "- Sohu to build the first medical health [original new media reports, China’s top medical team, providing the strongest service medical guide] today, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University held Chinese International Neuroscience Research Institute (China-INI) inauguration ceremony. In this period, we should not only introduce a new landmark in Xuanwu hospital, it is to interview the president Zhao Guoguang, let him lead us into China-INI, reveal its unique internal secret, to create "smart brain" — the Neuroscience Research Institute of international Chinese completed China-INI is a set of medical, teaching, neuroscience research on the integration of large nerve disease diagnosis treatment center. It is established, in the collection of domestic and foreign various department of Neurosurgery sub elite, but also for them to build a broad academic exchange platform, to promote the development of neuroscience. Dean Zhao Guoguang secret China-INI construction building for ten years by this head of President Zhao Guoguang called the Xuanwu hospital "dream trip", about the newly completed "smart brain", President Zhao Guoguang accepted the reporter’s interview with the doctor of weapon. The official opening is worth looking forward to the future of Xuanwu as a sign of the hospital building, the other China-INI can choose the unique structure of the brain, Zhao Guoguang Dean said, this is because the human brain is the highest "headquarters", as the main body of the building Chinese International Neuroscience Institute, must have its originality. China International Neuroscience Institute from Xuanwu hospital and Department of Neurosurgery Institute of German international cooperation to establish, in seeking their own exploration of the development process, combined with the president, the world before the Chinese Department of Neurosurgery Joint International Neuroscience Institute director Professor Sami’s experience, the German Hannover Institute of neuroscience and brain type building structure, copy in the reference Beijing, but the volume will more than germany. In the head in the building, in addition to the internal design is a hollow annular structure, convenient for lighting, and the brain stem, brain and human brain bottom echoes and ventricle region, compared to the linear design, curve shaped building can be more popular, can be said that the design head building will curve for the perfect beauty and the beauty of wisdom the building is expected to fusion, officially opened before the end of June next year. Smart brain shape director Zhao also told reporters, Xuanwu hospital since its establishment in 1958, has always been to nerve discipline construction as the foundation, but the existing hospital department of Neurosurgery 100 about the bed size, can not meet the needs of more patients. After the skull building is enabled, beds can reach 280, as well as 22 severe neurological ICU beds. In the future, it will create a more comfortable environment for patients at home and abroad. On the whole, CHINA-INI construction area of about 17 thousand square meters, divided into the upper and lower floors. China-INI Institute of International Neuroscience, Hannover, Germany相关的主题文章:

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