Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs on sale Official 23 days ago are fake (video) k-boxing

Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs on sale? Official: 23 days ago are fake original title: Autumn crab season don’t be these crabs rumors to the pit "autumn, crab legs itch", before and after the lunar new year in September, it is a good time to eat crabs, but such as "eat crab may cause cancer" and "water crab weight", "crab play hormone and other rumors angered many users but can be heard without end, doubt on" safe to eat crab ". These rumors in the end is true or false? Let’s look at it! 1, eat crab may cause cancer? Expert: Farmed aquatic safety [], even rumors controllable, a "don’t eat crab" rumors, micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms spread in New York: the United States Health Bureau said the Chinese stopped to eat crab, crab, crab paste chemicals, heavy metals concentration exceed the standard, will seriously affect people’s health, even may cause cancer. [truth] Chengdu Academy of agriculture and forestry Fisheries Institute researcher Cao Yingwei when accepts "Huaxidoushibao" online interview that, saying some Overgeneralization, crab whether heavy metals exceed the standard, is harmful to the human body, at least in three aspects. First, the growth of water will affect the crab. If the growth of good water, crab heavy metal content is minimal, the rumors of the problem of the crab, should only refer to a polluted water in New York. At present, most of the crab is artificial breeding, controllable, if the water quality, medication and other aspects of testing qualified, can be assured that the crab feed. Secondly, he analysis from a biological point of view, the most vulnerable parts of the crab, crab is not, but the crab gills, crab, crab, do not eat liver lung parts. Finally, the intake is generally not a problem. 2, "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs on sale? Official: 23 days ago are fake rumors [] recently, the Beijing public to reflect, some aquatic market, Taobao shop began selling Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in early September, some with anti-counterfeiting buckle. So, these crabs are really? [news] the Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Industry Association, this year crabs catchable time is September 23rd. At the same time, the staff of the association said, fishing has unified management of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, in the open beforecatching are not listed, any sale on the market called "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs’ crabs are fake. At the same time, the only real security signs of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in the open lake fishing after. 3, the business to crab injection weight gain? Experts say the rapid death [] rumors recently, a businessman to give Scylla injection water of the video in WeChat circle of friends circulated. The video shows an aunt holding a syringe to inject a basket of crabs unknown liquid. The netizen says, "this is the unscrupulous traders to water crab body weight gain, and this is called" fake crab poison people injection". The truth is that the water crabs is actually a rumor circulated for many years, has long been identified as false news business sector. Many experts said that after the injection of liquid into the crab body, the environment will have a drastic change in osmotic pressure, organs or dehydration or water absorption, will lead to the rapid death of crabs. At the same time, experiments have shown that when the water will be leaking crab belly, less than 10 minutes, the crab died. Few people have died, whether from a commercial point of view or not?相关的主题文章:

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