Yuyao 67 years old to 20 years like self-taught variable root Master meyou

Yuyao 67 years old to 20 years like self-taught variable root Master accidentally picked up roots inspired the first root, is Shen Bingfu before retiring. In 1996, Shen Bingfu worked in a factory in the city. One day, Shen Bingfu found a big tree root in the park and thought it was very nice. A chair Shen Bingfu pointed to the living room, this is 20 years ago in the park that picked up the roots do, is his first pieces of works, "this is the root of the original shape of a chair backrest, seat part is not too regular, not good-looking, do not sit comfortably, to make up a little. After the repair is relatively smooth". After the first chair was made, Shen Bingfu became interested in it, and made second chairs…… From then on a hair can not send and receive, technology is also more and more clever. On the balcony, two chairs like two palms, very artistic sense, through a thin layer of varnish, you can clearly see the root of the original texture. Shen Bingfu said, this is the root he had picked up in the walk near the Zhongshan bridge when a few years ago, the back part of the chair is the root of the tree, chair surface is part of his stump, stump half hollowed out, became the chair. "The roots like the shape of the palm of your hand, I will bring him into the palm shaped chair, but in fact this root has only 4 roots," middle finger "is also the root part of me up, I picked up a piece of root shape appropriate length of steel fixed plug up this chair form is complete." "If there are good roots, I can help you do the" free "is based on the shape of the root carving works to create, so pay attention to the root carving art" seven heaven, three artificial. "." Shen Bingfu said, in order to create a better root carving works at home, he often toss about observation, pondering, look at the root art books, elevated levels of also filled with a variety of roots and semi-finished products. "Mainly is the root of the tree to find, sometimes want to do a work, there is no suitable roots, what also do not." Shen Bingfu said, looking for roots also rely on fate, and sometimes deliberately to buy roots may not be able to buy, and now he went to the field to play or go to the mountains, the countryside will always pay attention to whether there is a suitable root. Shen Bingfu said, do the root carving works money is not much, mainly to spend time, not with the saw "carving out, with a hammer, carved by awl." Around the circle of friends, "Shen Bingfu root Master" nickname is famous, some root carving enthusiasts from one people are willing to spend a few thousand dollars of money to buy a piece of work which will go, but was rejected by Shen Bingfu. "There are people willing to buy my work is definitely for me, but I do these works is not to make money, just love, love." Shen Bingfu said, as long as the right roots, he can be free for everyone to do root. Last year, he made two chairs. "It’s good to play with these things, not only to cultivate temperament, but also to beautify life." Shen Bingfu said that he had no other hobbies, just like carving, family support.相关的主题文章:

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