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Zheng Yifan: the Soviet Union has not been able to solve the problem of Agriculture That is the dekulakization class, in fact is to destroy all the peasantry. What are the farmers? Have their own land, to cultivate, operate the land, and can handle their own crops, which is an independent farmers. The expert: Zheng Yifan (a famous historian) interview: Li Dabai (Tencent will enjoy thinking) the summer of 1958, the first Chinese new students to USSR Zheng Yifan and the students came to Kazakhstan to help reclaim wheat. Zheng Yifan did not generate resentment because to do farm work, but very excited, he had never seen such a large expanse of grassland, and combine a day without changing the direction of straight open!". The domestic "education and production combined" political call ignited Zheng Yifan’s labor enthusiasm. "The" people’s Daily "on the yield of ten thousand kg, twenty thousand kg, thirty thousand kg, we believe that this figure, but also for the domestic propaganda, to talk to students about the Soviet Union, people do not believe, and we argue!" Khrushchev’s agricultural posters of the development of agriculture in the measure of Khrushchev, is a large-scale reclamation of wasteland, one kind of corn, two kinds of wheat. "Land reclamation is to solve the food problem play a role, but at the time of their organization is not good, combine every two or three days fails, the productive enthusiasm is not too high. When we came back in October, it was snowing, and the wheat had been confiscated." The actual work for two months, let Zheng Yifan heart doubt of the Soviet Union and the domestic agricultural policy, since then he has been engaged in the study of Soviet history, thinking about agricultural development of the Soviet Union also runs through his entire research career. What is the position of the grain problem in the whole development of the Soviet Union? How is its agricultural policy developed? What are the experiences and lessons of the Soviet Union in solving the food problem? To solve the above problems, the Tencent will enjoy thinking with the famous Soviet expert on the history of Zheng Yifan, the following is an interview with the Tencent will enjoy thinking: many people know of the Soviet Union food policy is based on the high school history textbooks, such as the newly established "surplus collection system", the main reason is the implementation of this policy in wartime needs? Zheng Yifan: in the spring of 1918 the Soviet Union with the Germans signed the "Brest peace treaty", out of the first World War, and the Soviet regime is not decent, pay reparations, as Lenin said is a humiliating treaty. There are a lot of problems, for the people by the promise of bread and no cash, the problem of food supply as in the past can not solve, then announced the implementation of "food monopoly" in early May 1918, "food dictatorship". All the food is controlled by the state. Later on a "food collection system". Tencent will enjoy thinking: the "grain collection system" is what we call the "surplus collection system"? Zheng Yifan: Yes, the "complete works of Lenin second edition translated as" surplus collection system ", the translation is not exact, the Russian Nouns are, from some studies. 3, e, C, K pgfla consists of two words and a combination of food, or collection of Russian showdown, and there is no" surplus "means, so when should turn.相关的主题文章:

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