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Zhu Xun replaced the "Avenue of stars" partner Nelson: I love week format – the media – people.com.cn original title: Zhu Xun: I love game week CCTV host Zhu Xun taking over the "Avenue of stars" in January than her to join the "Avenue of stars" has injected new vitality of women "". From the beginning of some tension to adapt to today, Zhu Xun also experienced a great challenge in the host career. Last night, the Beijing morning news reporters in the "Avenue of stars" weekly game recording, although the week, Zhu Xun is very excited, she said, his most love is week. Every player is a brand new face, each player may surprise the audience." In late April of this year, CCTV launched a music competition show broadcast season "version of" super star avenue, CO chaired by Zhu Jun, Zhu Xun, Ma Yue, Gong Yan, Yang Fan, Nigel Maiti, Zhu Jun, but since June because of physical discomfort, the conventional version of Zhou Bo is replaced by Zhu Xun and Nelson Zhu Xun will become a host, "the first the hostess of the avenue of stars". Zhu Xun began recording "Avenue of stars" super edition, did not expect to eventually replace Zhu Jun, became the "Avenue of stars" regular presenter, also did not expect her to join, let this 12 year old variety show ratings rose again. Before the producer Xu Zhigang has made such comments on Zhu Xun: Zhu Xun presided over the interaction with the audience is more higher, and players can quickly become good friends, can be more cordial exchanges with the people, let them put real emotion, touching story, show the flash point in the life of a friend from all walks of life. After she joined the program ratings have been rising. In the "Avenue of stars" to record the scene, the staff also told reporters, "the data show that real-time program ratings upgrade period, most is Zhu Xun and Nelson interaction time." From "Zhengda arts" to "6+1" to the "Avenue of stars", Zhu Xun’s "fireman": each left a host, she would go to the top of. Zhu Xun has just taken over the "Avenue of stars", there is a special stage of the children, Zhu Xun, because of the high heels can only kneel on the whole chair, stepped down when the legs are purple, won the audience praise. It can be said that the signing of Zhu Xun for the first time into the "Avenue of stars" female elements, her gentle and lovely and lively little vitality to hold the "Avenue of stars" there has never been a kind of atmosphere. (reporter Han Yingnan) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:

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